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While history is the record of the human past, it comes alive when we realize the role it plays in who we are as a society today. Learning history enables you to investigate the ideas, problems and actions of past generations and eras — all of which affect the present and future.

As a history student, you will be empowered to closely examine various cultures and historical periods, noting their distinctiveness, and, based on lessons learned from the past, draft unique responses to the issues we face today. You will see that understanding history is implicit to understanding ourselves both as Americans and global citizens.

You will have the opportunity to not only work with faculty members, but also work collectively with other students on projects that benefit the community. Students have been directly involved with such projects as securing an Ohio Historical Marker and producing an award-winning exhibit about World War I. Our faculty members are passionate about history and excited to explore this intriguing and enlightening subject with you.


“My WC experience put me at an advantage over even many graduate candidates (vying) for the internship. At most other places, you don’t get these kinds of experiences. I feel the College lives and breathes hands-on learning.”


Commenting on his Washington, D.C., public history internship