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Exercise Science

As one of our newest majors at Wilmington College, we are very excited to introduce the addition of the exercise science major as a part of the sport sciences area. The intent of the exercise science major is to prepare and train students for leadership positions in public, private, and commercial employment settings within the field. Sports, recreational, physical fitness and allied health areas are all embarking on hiring and showing interest in adding these professionals to their resources in an effort to promote health and fitness.

Students are guided and fully instructed to prepare to enter the world of personal wellness, strength training and conditioning, corporate fitness, and various allied health programs…all of which are areas of employment that have seen significant growth in recent years. Exercise science students can choose from an elective pool of classes that are diverse and accommodate the student’s ability to pursue their specific career goals.

Program Features
  • With the flexibility of electives, students may choose to pursue graduate programs in an allied health field such as physical therapy, physician assistant, chiropractic’s and others.
  • Graduates can find employment as a personal trainer, certified strength and conditioning specialist, strength coach, cardiac rehab, health promotion, community health, wellness, fitness directors or management of fitness facilities.
  • The program is designed to potentially prepare students for further study in the areas of allied health and medical fields by choosing specific electives that are often prerequisites for these programs.
  • Exercise Science students can choose from an elective pool of classes which will enable them to pursue their specific career goals.
  • Students that wish to own and operate their own facility may choose business courses from the elective pool that will better prepare them to run a business.