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Equine Studies Minor

The Equine Studies minor curriculum is based on core Equine classes. Electives are offered areas of Agriculture, Business, and Equine. This provides students the opportunity to tailor their education and concentrate on their area of interest. Students will be offered hands-on opportunities to manage animals, integrate solutions, and explore the score of the equine industry. The Equine Studies minor complements majors in the area of Agriculture, Business, and Biology.

Major in Equine Business Management


A total of 24 hours is required.

Required courses:
EQ130 Introduction to Equine Studies (2)
EQ136 Introduction to the Horse Industry (2)
EQ240 Equine Health Management (4)
EQ344 Equine Production (4)

Required: 4 hours from the following.
AC230 Financial Accounting (4)
AG244 Agricultural Economics (4)
AG272 Introduction to Agricultural Communications (2)
EQ134 Beginning Equitation/Horsemanship (2)
EQ231 Beginning Horse Judging (2)
EQ234 Intermediate Equitation/Horsemanship (2)
EQ253 Stable and Facilities Management (4)
MA230 Introduction to Management (4)
MK230 Introduction to Marketing (4)

Required: 8 hours from the following.
AG347 Animal Health (2)
AG349 Animal Nutrition* (4)
AG363 Agribusiness Financial Management (4)
EC334 Business Statistics I (4)
EQ334 Advanced Equitation/Horsemanship and Teaching (2)
EQ342 Advanced Horse Judging* (2)
EQ347 Equine Reproduction (4)
EQ435 Equine Event Management (2)
EQ441 Equine Breaking and Training (4)
MA330 Business Law (4)
MA333 Entrepreneurship (4)
MA336 Human Resources Management (4)
MA337 Consumer Behavior (4)
MA369 Business to Business Marketing/Sales (4)

* prerequisite required