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Equine Business Management


We also offer a MINOR in Equine Studies.

A total of 38 hours is required.

Required courses:

EQ130 Introduction to Equine Studies (2)

EQ136 Introduction to the Horse Industry (2)

EQ 138 Basic Equine Handling I

EQ240 Equine Health Management (4)

EQ344 Equine Production (4)

EQ495 Equine Business Management (4)

MA230 Introduction to Management (4)

MA336 Human Resources Management (4)

MA339 Business Communications (4)

Required: 4 hours from the following.

AC230  Principles of Accounting I (4)

AG244 Agricultural Economics (4)

AG272 Introduction to Agricultural Communications (2)

EQ231 Beginning Horse Judging (2)

EQ253 Stable and Facilities Management (4)

MK230 Introduction to Marketing (4)

Required: 4 hours from the following.

AG347 Animal Health (2)

AG349 Animal Nutrition* (4)

AG363 Financial Management in Agriculture (4)

EQ342 Advanced Horse Judging (2)

EQ347 Equine Reproduction (4)

EQ435 Equine Event Management (4)

MA330 Business Law (4)

Required: 2 hours from the following.

EQ132 Beginner Western Horsemanship (2)

EQ133 Beginner English Equitation (2)

EQ332 Advanced Western Horsemanship* (2)

EQ333 Advanced English Equitation (2)

EQ340 Breaking and Training* (4)

* prerequisite required