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Welcome to the English Program

at Wilmington College!

As you think about declaring a major (or a minor), we encourage you to think about English. Do you love to read? Would you like to take courses where you could discuss vampires, hobbits, the apocalypse, zombies, baseball, Zorro, AND Shakespeare, Jane Austen, the nature of war, and what it means to be a hero?

English courses are more than just fun; they give you the communication skills that most employers are looking for. According to a survey of business leaders,

“Writing is an almost universal professional skill required in service industries as well as finance, insurance, and real estate. It is also widely required in construction and manufacturing.”

“We are almost always looking for writing skills when hiring, among both hourly and professional employees. It’s inherent. We’re looking for professionalism in every aspect.”

Being an English major, or even getting a minor in English, lets prospective employers know that your writing skills are excellent. An English degree is also one way to set yourself apart from other applicants. What can you do with an English major? Almost anything. English is an excellent major for jobs in journalism, business, communications, advertising, public relations, library science, education, and it is one of the best majors for pre-Law students. Here is what some of our recent graduates are doing

  • Erika Greber (WC ’06) works at Random House publishers in New York City.
  • Dannie Sollars Creamer (WC ’08) graduated from law school and works as an Assistant Prosecutor for Clinton County.
  • Richard Berish (WC ’02; Graduated U of Dayton law school in ’06) now works in intellectual-property issues at Lexis-Nexis in Dayton.
  • Luann Lehman (WC ’03; MLS Kent State) is aE-Librarian at Tiffin University.
  • Caitlin Ryan (WC ’09) is a staff writer/service and sales representative for the Highland County Press.

Come see for yourself. We encourage you to register for one of the many English 250 courses offered next semester or one of the surveys of English literature that we offer throughout the year. Or just come talk to us in the English department; we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.


Bonnie Erwin, Charlotte Fairlie, Judy Harvey, James McNelis, Judy Harvey, Ursula McTaggart, Laura Struve, and Marta Wilkinson—The English Department at Wilmington College