HarlequinTH198 GW

From Greeks to Geeks

MWF 12:40 to 1:40 p.m.

Instructor: Marta Wilkinson

Laughter, tears, ghosts, revenge and honor are just a few of the elements of the ancient through neo-classical drama that this course will introduce. Focusing on the strict divisions of comedy and tragedy, this course will explore characters and their motives as students explore universal themes that have driven plays from all over the world and have influenced the development of theater. Students will also engage in the creative visual elements of each work to determine why they have retained their fame, and how they are just as effective now as they were then.
We will laugh, cry, empathize, seek revenge and come to understand the significance of masks…not the kind we’re wearing now! Works will include dramas about family honor, comical mistakes, sword play, and dare I say it, a sex strike!

Prerequisites: ENG 101 or EN 103H

This course will be taught using all public domain works, so there will be no textbooks to purchase.

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