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Family and nationEN430G

World Literature: Family & Nation W, G

MWF 10:20 a.m.

Instructor: Marta Wilkinson

“Family and Nation” is a greatest hits course designed to cover major works of World Literature by focusing on the family as our central model for discovering a nation. We will examine the evolution of definitions of family and the role family plays in influencing both individuals and society. We will respond to those questions by examining the family from the opposite perspective: How do social custom, organization, economy and other common practices dictate the role and function of the family? All readings will be approached with the specific goals of:

  1. Examining and discussing the parallel and influential structures of the domestic and public spheres
  2. Providing an introduction to various theoretical and literary frameworks
  3. Encouraging a comparative reading of the relationships between family, society, history and literature

Readings will include Oedipus & Antigone, excerpts from The Tale of Genji, Things Fall Apart, The House of the Spirits and The Kite Runner.

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