SigfriedEN250 GW

Myth. Epic. Legend

TR 11:20 a.m. to 12:50 (Online Synchronous)

Instructor: Marta Wilkinson

“Myth.Epic.Legend” is a course designed to cover several great works of World Literature, beginning in classical mythology and moving through different periods of epic adventure. The guiding theme of our examination will be the exploration of several world mythologies as necessary frames for the epics and legendary characters that follow. For example, what do we need to know about Greek mythology before we take on the Odyssey? Once we distinguish between myth and legend will explore the stories of King Arthur and a famous battle fought under Charlemagne. Our final foray will include a descent through the Inferno…throughout each work we question why literature continues to rely so heavily on these stories, then examine the works and their relevance to modern expectations of great feats.

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