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Studying literature opens your world, introducing you to other cultures, other places, and other times. Reading novels, plays, and poems gives you new ways to see the world and new ways to see yourself. The study of English also includes learning the professional skills—reading, writing, and critical thinking—needed to succeed in an ever-changing global economy.

An English major meets the needs of students who want a general background in the discipline as well as those wishing to prepare for professional or graduate study. English courses complement any field of study that requires the development of good writing and critical thinking skills. Students have used the English major not only to prepare for careers in teaching, law, journalism, publishing, and public relations but also agriculture, business, medicine, counseling, science, and social work.

Welcome to the English program at Wilmington College!

As you think about declaring a major (or a minor), we encourage you to think about English. Do you love to read? Would you like to take courses where you could discuss vampires, hobbits, the apocalypse, zombies, baseball, Zorro, AND Shakespeare, Jane Austen, the nature of war, and what it means to be a hero?

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