Middle Childhood


Wilmington College develops professional educators who demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the subjects they will teach as well as an understanding of the teaching and learning process, the needs of exceptional learners, as well as public policy and educational advocacy. Teacher education candidates in particular are expected to possess and convey high expectations to all students they teach. Teacher education candidates will gain the ability to teach diverse student populations and develop an understanding of the particular culture and community in which they teach. They will become professional educators equipped to create positive learning environments that encourage active student engagement and self-motivation. They will become reflective practitioners who are able to collaborate with a variety of stakeholders in establishing P-12 learning communities.

Candidates receiving the MIDDLE CHILDHOOD LICENSE are approved to teach Grades 4 through 9.



Candidates for licensure must successfully complete all of the degree requirements; including student teaching, plus the academic and experience requirements prescribed the State Board of Education and the laws of Ohio. Candidates must achieve the required score(s) on all designated Pearson professional test(s) required by Ohio.


8-Semester Plans are provided by programs to assist students in planning which courses to take during each of their eight semesters of college. There is an 8-Semester Plan provided below for each of the concentrations in this area:


Note: The most up-to-date curriculum is available via the current catalog.

A total of 59 hours is required.

Courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.


ED130 Foundations of Education (4)
ED230 Human Development and Learning (4)
ED240 Reading Core I: Phonemics, Phonics, and Language Acquisition (4)
ED285 Field Practicum II (1)
ED341 Reading Core II: Principles and Practices for Literacy Instructors (4)
ED343 Reading Core III: Diagnostic Teaching in the Assessment-Based Classroom (4)
ED347 Middle Childhood Philosophy and General Teaching Methods (4)
ED360 Survey of Inclusion Philosophy and Strategies (4)
ED385 Field Practicum III (1)
ED485 Field Practicum IV (1)
ED495 Student Teaching (16)
SE230 Introduction to Exceptionalities (4)

Select 8 hours from the following based on selected teaching

ED352 Teaching Language Arts in Middle Childhood and Adolescence (4)
ED354 Teaching Math in Middle Childhood and Adolescence (4)
ED356 Teaching Science in Middle Childhood and
Adolescence (4)
ED358 Teaching Social Studies in Middle Childhood and Adolescence (4)