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(NON-LICENSURE): A minimum of 32 hours is required. Courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.

Required core courses:

ED130 Foundations of Education (4)

ED230 Human Development and Learning (4)

ED240 Reading Core I: Phonemics, Phonics, and Language Acquisition (4)


ED341 Reading Core II: Principles and Practices For Literacy Instructors (4)

ED360 Survey of Inclusion Philosophy & Strategies (4)

ED470 Internship (4)

ID102 College to Career – Personal Career Planning (2)

Required: 10 hours, including 8 upper division hours from the following.

ED or SE courses (in addition to required ED core courses)

ED270 Internship

ED470 Internship (in addition to required Internship)