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The mission of the Education area at Wilmington College is to prepare teachers in the liberal arts tradition. The College develops professional educators who demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the subjects they will teach as well as an understanding of the teaching and learning process. Teacher education students are expected to have and to convey high expectations to all students they teach. Students will have an understanding of and demonstrate evidence of ability to teach diverse groups of children and to develop an understanding of the particular culture and community in which they teach. As teachers they will be able to create a positive environment that encourages active engagement in learning and self-motivation. They will become “reflective practitioners for peaceful schools,” able to collaborate with others in building learning communities in their classrooms.


Admission to the Education Program

Candidates seeking licensure must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program no later than the end of their fourth semester at Wilmington College. Education majors who transfer to Wilmington College with 60 or more hours must be admitted no later than the end of their second semester at Wilmington.

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Admission to Student Teaching

Student teaching represents the culmination of the student’s educational preparation and is open only to those who have demonstrated the competencies and attitudes characteristic of competent, caring practitioners.

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Education Licensure

In addition to courses leading to an Education major, candidates for licensure must complete the requirements of the Department of Education. Candidates who satisfy all other degree requirements of the Education major without successfully completing student teaching cannot be recommended by Wilmington College for an Ohio teaching license. Wilmington College does not grant licenses, we only recommend qualified candidates for licenses in our Ohio approved programs. Candidates must choose two teaching fields, 24 hours each, from the following:

Early Childhood License – pre-kindergarten through grade 3

Early Childhood Intervention Specialist – (special education) pre-kindergarten through grade 3

Middle Childhood License – grades 4 through 9. Candidates must choose two teaching fields, 20 semester hours each, from the following:

  • language arts and reading,
  • mathematics,
  • social studies, and
  • science.

Adolescence to Young Adult License – grades 7 through 12. Candidates must also earn a major in the related content for their teaching field:

  • Integrated language arts,
  • Integrated mathematics,
  • Integrated social studies,
  • Life sciences
  • Life Sciences/Chemistry

Multi-Age License – K-12 Intervention Specialist (Special Ed) Candidates must also earn a major in the related content for their teaching field.

Career-Technical License – grades 4 through 12

  • Agriscience