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Organizational Communication


Formerly Journalism & Public Relations

We also offer a MINOR in Communication Arts.


This concentration is designed for Communication Arts majors pursuing careers in public relations, journalism, advertising, corporate communication, marketing and promotion, fundraising, and service in non-profit organizations. Course offerings stress an integrated approach to communication, building knowledge and skills in writing, reporting, editing, interviewing, multimedia, visual, and oral communication. Students in this concentration are encouraged to minor in complementary areas of study such as English, Business Administration, Psychology, History, Agriculture, etc.


8-Semester Plans are provided by programs to assist students in planning which courses to take during each of their eight semesters of college.



Note: The most up-to-date curriculum is available via the current catalog.

A total of 46 hours with grades of “C-” or better is required.

Courses other than those offered only as pass/no pass may not be taken on a pass/no pass basis for this major.

Common Core (Communication Arts)

AR130 Design (4)
CA131 Mass Media in a Global Society (4)
CA230 Basic Photography (4)
CA233 Communication Theory and Concept (2)
CA234 Public Speaking (2)
CA332 Foundations of Digital Design (4)
CA364 Social Media Management (4)
CA470 Internship (2)
CA495 Senior Studio (2)

Organizational Communication Core

EN131 Writing III: Advanced Writing and Practice (4)
CA330 Copywriting and Copy Editing* (4)
CA363 Public and Media Relations (4)
CA365 Advanced Digital Journalism (2)


Select 4 hours from the following.

CA336 Broadcast Media (4)
CA337 Digital Photography and Videography (4)
CA350 Topics in Communication Arts (2-4)
CJ339 Criminal Law and Investigation * (4)
EN336 Creative Writing (4)
RP332 Mediation * (4)
SM430 Facility and Event Management (4)
SY333G Environmental Sociology & Comm (4)
TH350 Advanced Topics in Theatre* (4)

*prerequisite required