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The coaching minor offers a program of study designed to prepare students for a variety of coaching positions. Internships are available. The coaching minor helps prepare the student to meet Ohio Department of Education standards for a Pupil Activity Supervisor permit. This certification is needed to direct, supervise, or coach a pupil activity program in Ohio.


Note: The most up-to-date curriculum is available via the current catalog.

A total of 21 hours with grades of “C-“or better required.

Required Courses

HP230 Principles of Coaching (4)
HP250 Coaching of Sport Topics (2)
SM130 First Aid and CPR (1)
SM230 Introduction to Sport Management (4)
SM333 Moral and Ethical Reasoning in Sport (2)
XS342 Principles of Physical Training (2)
XS440 Principles of Athletic Nutrition/Drug Abuse/Policy Making (2)


Select 4 hours from the following.

AT340 Kinesiology* (4)
AT355 Physiology of Exercise* (4)
SM430 Facility and Event Management (4)
SM440 Leadership in Sport (4)
SM443 Legal Aspects & Governance of Sport (4)
XS360 Biomechanics (2)
XS363 Strength and Fitness Programming (2)
XS367 Ignition Speed Systems Certification (2)

*prerequisite required