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Coaching Minor

The College’s largest minor, coaching, prepares students to meet the Ohio standards for the Pupil Activity Supervisor permit, which is required for coaching in public schools. This certification makes aspiring teachers even more appealing to employers and is a key component for aspiring athletic directors.

Possessing a coaching minor also gives you opportunities to teach and lead in sports outside the school environment. Coaching positions are expected to increase by as much as 14% in the coming years.

Courses and experiences address objectives set forth by the National Assn. for Sport & Physical Education, which addresses codes of conduct for coaches, as well as teaching applicable skills. We emphasize an introspective look at why you want to coach and will help you develop personal philosophies ranging from parental involvement to the recreational vs. competitive models in sports.

Emelie Sterner

Student Experience

My name is Emelie Sterner, and I am a junior here at Wilmington College. I am a psychology major with a minor in coaching. I am a part of the women’s soccer team, which was a big reason why I came to WC. I am also a member of the Wellness Committee and the International group. As an International student from Sweden, I am glad that there are other international people here. Having people both from my home country and other countries who are going through the same experience as me, makes me less homesick. Also, being so far from home, I really appreciate that everyone here at WC is always  so welcoming, nice and helpful. During my three years here, I have made lifelong friends and I have learned a lot. Wilmington has definitely become a second home for me, and I am glad I got the chance to come here.