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We also offer a MAJOR in Chemistry.

Chemistry students learn to discover chemical concepts by practicing experimental investigative procedures. Students acquire problem solving skills involving laboratory manipulation, critical observation, and mathematical analysis. They also develop writing, math and speaking skills.


Note: The most up-to-date curriculum is available via the current catalog.

A total of 24 hours with grades of “C-” or better is required.

Courses other than those offered only as pass/no pass may not be taken on a pass/no pass basis for this minor.


CH230 Principles of Chemistry I (4)
CH231 Principles of Chemistry II (4)
CH330 Organic Chemistry I (4)
CH331 Organic Chemistry II (4)


Select 8 hours from the following.

BI431 Biochemistry I: Principles of Biochemistry (4)
CH334 Quantitative Analysis (4)
CH335 Instrumental Analysis (4)
CH435 Inorganic Chemistry (4)