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CH101G-NS CHEMISTRY AND THE ENVIRONMENT (4). Chemical principles are explained with applications to environmental concerns. (Intended for general education.) Laboratory

CH230 PRINCIPLES OF CHEMISTRY I (4). An introductory course for those majoring in the sciences. Topics include atomic structure and bonding, balancing equations, mole relationship, solutions, acids and bases, basic concepts of physical and descriptive chemistry, basic chemical laboratory techniques, data recording and analysis, laboratory safety, and preparation of laboratory reports. Laboratory

CH231 PRINCIPLES OF CHEMISTRY II (4). A continuation of CH230. Particular emphasis on equilibrium and properties of aqueous solutions, descriptive inorganic chemistry and qualitative analysis. Laboratories include analysis of data generated by students. Prerequisite: CH230.  

CH280 RESEARCH PARTICIPATION (1-2). A research course for students with lower levels of chemistry background. May be repeated for a total of four hours. Prerequisite: CH230.

CH330 ORGANIC CHEMISTRY I (4). The properties of carbon compounds as related to the structure and bonding of the molecules. Laboratory includes the synthesis and identification of organic compounds of various classes. Prerequisite: CH231. Laboratory

CH331 ORGANIC CHEMISTRY II (4). A continuation of CH331.This is continuation of CH330. Students learn about the reactions of the functional groups. This includes predicting the products which will result from a particular set of reactants. In addition students learn how to use reaction mechanisms to predict not only the products obtained but the quantity of each product. Prerequisite: CH330. Laboratory

CH334 QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS (4). Gravimetric, volumetric, and some instrumental analysis as practiced in industry, agriculture, and the life sciences. Equivalent of two labs per week. Prerequisite: CH231.

CH335 INSTRUMENTAL ANALYSIS (4). An emphasis on spectroscopic, chromatographic, and other instrumental methods of analysis. Equivalent of two labs per week. Prerequisite: CH231.

CH380 RESEARCH PARTICIPATION (1-2). An undergraduate research option for advanced students. May be taken for a maximum of four hours. Prerequisite: Completed a minimum of 12 hours of 200-level or above Chemistry courses.

CH430 PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY I (4). Thermodynamics as applied to chemical and biochemical systems is covered. Reaction rates and kinetics are also covered. Prerequisites: CH231, MT140 and PH230. Laboratory

CH431 PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY II (4). A continuation of CH430 with an emphasis on quantum mechanics, bonding theory.  Prerequisites: MT141, and PH231.Laboratory

CH435 INORGANIC CHEMISTRY (4). The study of coordination chemistry, including coordination bonding, metal complex structure and synthesis, symmetry and group theory, ligand field theory, spectroscopy and magnetism of metal complexes, organometallic chemistry and catalysis, bioinorganic chemistry, and analytical applications of inorganic chemistry. Prerequisite: CH231. Laboratory

CH495 CAPSTONE RESEARCH PARTICIPATION (1-2). Limited to senior chemistry majors. Students must complete two consecutive semesters. May be repeated for a total of four hours. Prerequisite: Senior standing and 24 hours of chemistry at 230-level or above.