Quaker Tank

Quaker Tank is similar to the hit ABC-TV show but with a twist. Instead of promoting a product or invention, WC’s contestants — all students at the College — are pitching their overall business concepts. Each will have roughly three minutes to present their idea before a panel of three “sharks.”

Sharks are business leaders from the Wilmington community that have had a chance to review the contestants’ business plans and two-year financials prior to the event. They support entrepreneurship activities in the community and are partners with the College. After each contestant makes their opening pitch, a Q&A session ensues between the sharks and the contestant.

Quaker Tank Logo

Contestant Info

Spring 2023

WC students interested in participating in Quaker Tank must submit their business plan outline by Nov. 1, 2022.

Business Plan Outline DUE BY: NOV. 1, 2022

Contact Info

Executive Producer
Peyton Mullins (peyton.m.mullins@wilmington.edu)

Faculty Advisor
Tim Burgoyne (tim_burgoyne@wilmington.edu)