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Business Administration


Choosing a minor in Business Administration prepares students for a life of success in a wide variety of careers in large to small corporations, family enterprises, nonprofit organizations, or their own entrepreneurial ventures.


Note: The most up-to-date curriculum is available via the current catalog.

A total of 28 hours with grades of “C-” or better is required.


AC230 Financial Accounting (4)
EC130 Principles of Economics I: Microeconomics (4)
MA230 Introduction to Management and Organizations (4)
MK230 Introduction to Marketing (4)


Select 12 hours from the following.

EC334 Business Statistics I (4)
EC335 Business Statistics II (4)
EC339 Money and Banking (4)
EC340 Microeconomic Theory (4)
EC341 Macroeconomic Theory (4)
EC430G Equality, the Environment, Economic Growth, and Sustainable Development (4)
EC433 Advanced Theoretical Economics: Labor, Industrial Organizations and International Economics (4)
MA330 Business Law (4)
MA333 Entrepreneurship (4)
MA336 Human Resources Management (4)
MA350 Topics in Management (2-4)
MA369 Corporate Finance (4)
MA430 Stocks, Bonds and Investments (4)
MA495 Strategic Management (4)
MK331 Marketing Research (4)
MK336 Retail Management (4)
MK337 Consumer Behavior (4)
MK350 Topics in Marketing (2-4)
MK369 B2B Marketing/Sales (4)
MK496 Marketing Management (4)