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Business Administration

The Business Administration major is suited for students who have career goals involving various aspects of management, marketing, or finance. Whether students seek careers after graduation in a Fortune 500 company or an entrepreneurial start-up, they will be presented with both the theoretical and practical applications of business concepts.

The broad academic curriculum and the highly interactive co-curriculum of student organizations and internships are infused with the core values of Wilmington College. Within the Business Administration major, students select a track for their concentration where they may choose either Banking, Finance, Management or Marketing.

Whether garnering a major or minor in the Business Administration area, students are prepared for a life of success in a wide variety of careers in large to small corporations, family enterprises, nonprofit organizations, or their own entrepreneurial ventures.

Business Students and ProfessorConcentrations

Wilmington College offers four Business Administration concentrations, as well as a minor in Business Administration and a minor in Economics.


The Banking Concentration prepares students for a wide variety of positions in the industry and develops expertise in the core business concepts while including a focus on industry-specific issues.




The Management Concentration focuses on core issues faced by leaders and managers today. It provides conceptual frameworks and brings to life challenges and opportunities faced in today’s global business environment by preparing students with enhanced interpersonal, organizational, and managerial skills.


Wilmington College Business Graduates are Doing Great Things


Have secured job in a business related field.


Are earning a salary of at least $60,000.


Have either obtained, or are in the process of earning their MBA.

Popular Dual Major Options


Accounting concerns the collection, processing, and reporting of information about the financial performance of economic organizations.

A dual major in Business Administration and Accounting includes a common core set of classes.


Economics is a social science which studies particular aspects of human society such as consumption, production, and exchange.