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Life Science

Biology Major

The Life Science Concentration could be called the “traditional” Biology major. It is recommended for students who aspire to become professional biologists, physicians, veterinarians or dentists. This concentration includes the two-semester Freshman Biology sequence, the two-semester research requirement, upper division course work of the student’s choice, and appropriate coursework in Chemistry and Mathematics.

Students who complete the Life Sciences Concentration can put their bachelor’s degrees to work straight away as technicians or research associates in academic or industrial settings. Life Science students are also ideally prepared for admission into graduate programs in Biology where they can pursue advanced degrees, particularly the Ph.D. degree, and eventually become professional scientists in charge of research programs, or college or university professors.

The Life Science Concentration is the recommended curriculum for Pre-Med, Pre-Vet and Pre-Dentistry because admission committees at these schools are looking for the course mix and level of rigor that goes with this curriculum. We recommend our Health Science Concentration for students who hope to become Physician Assistants, Physical Therapists or practitioners in other Allied Health fields.


Note: The most up-to-date curriculum is available via the current catalog.

A total of 53 hours with grades of “C-” or better in all courses is required.

Courses other than those offered only as pass/no pass may not be taken on a pass/no pass basis for this major.

Additional Requirements: Proficiency exam during freshman and senior year.


BI130 First Year Seminar in Biology (1)
BI230 Biological Sciences I (4
BI231 Biological Sciences II (4)
BI493 Research Experience (4)
CH230 Principles of Chemistry I (4)
CH231 Principles of Chemistry II (4)
MT131 Introduction to Statistics (4)

Life Science Core

BI330 Animal Diversity (4)
BI333 Plant Biology (4)
BI336 Evolution (4)
BI338 Vertebrate Anatomy (4)
BI340 Animal Physiology (4)
BI343 Microbiology and Immunology (4)
BI344 Disease Ecology (4)
BI346 Genetics (4)
BI347 Animal Behavior (4)
BI349 Parasitology (4)
BI350/350G Advanced Topics in Biology (4)
BI431 Biochemistry I: Principles of Biochem (4)
BI434 Biochemistry II: Molecular Biology (4)
BI494 Research Practicum (2-4)
ES332 Ecology and Conservation Biology (4)
ES330/330G Topics in Field Biology (4)