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Health Sciences

The Health Sciences Concentration within the biology major is intended to meet the needs of students who aspire to careers in allied health professions. Examples of these professions are physical therapy, physician assistant, optometry, pharmacy, nursing, and others.

The innovative design of the curriculum allows the student to tailor a program of study to meet the prerequisites for admission to the professional program of their choice while, at the same time, receiving a rigorous, broad-based education in biology.

The curriculum assumes that the student will complete four years of education at Wilmington College, receive a bachelor’s degree and then move on to a master’s or doctoral level program in the professional field of choice. The unique flexibility of the concentration allows it to be adapted to the wide variety of prerequisites required by the different professional programs.

For examples of the types of programs that the Health Sciences Concentration was designed to integrate with, explore the links below. As you can see, the Health Sciences Concentration can be your gateway into some of the finest allied health programs in the state of Ohio.

Students with an interest in nursing should also explore Wilmington’s cooperative program with Mount Carmel College of Nursing.


A total of 53 hours with grades of “C-” or better in all courses is required. Courses other than those offered only as pass/no pass may not be taken on a pass/no pass basis for this major.

Required Courses: Common Core 25 hours.

Concentration Requirements: 28 hours (12 hours must be upper division)


HS344 Human Anatomy (4)

HS345 Human Physiology (4)

Required: 20 hours from the following.

BI330G-NS Animal Diversity (4)

BI336 Evolution (4)

BI343 Microbiology and Immunology (4)

BI346 Genetics (4)

BI349 Parasitology (4)

BI350 Advanced Topics for Biology Majors (4)

BI352 Bioethics (4)

BI431 Biochemistry and Cell Biology (4)

BI434 Molecular Biology (4)

CH330 Organic Chemistry (4)

HS231 Medical Terminology (4)

PH230 Fundamentals of Physics I (4)

Required: Proficiency Exam during sophomore and senior year.