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Biotechnology Concentration

A total of 54 hours with grades of “C-” or better in all courses is required. Courses other than those offered only as pass/no pass may not be taken on a pass/no pass basis for this major.

This concentration is for qualified transfer students with an A.S. degree in either Biotechnology or Bioscience Technology from Cincinnati State Technical and Community College.

Required courses from Cincinnati State:

BIO111 Biology: Unity of Life (4)


BI230 Biological Sciences I (4)

BIO112 Biology: Diversity of Life (4)


BI231 Biological Sciences II (4)

CHE110 Fundamentals of General Chemistry (3)


CH230 Principles of Chemistry I (4)

CHE111 Bio-Organic Chemistry (3)


CH231 Principles of Chemistry II (4)

MAT132 Statistics I (3)


MT131 Introduction to Statistics (4)

Required courses from Wilmington College

BI130 First Year Seminar in Biology (1)

BI493 Research and Experience


Required 16 Hours from the following:

BI346 Genetics (4)

BI431 Biochemistry (4)

BI434 Molecular Biology (4)

BI349 Parasitology (4)

BI494 Biology Research Practicum (2-4)

Required: 12 hours from the following.

BSC115* Applied Bioscience Methods (2)

BSC150* Scientific Literacy and Journal Club (2)

BSC205* Molecular Genetics Techniques (5)

BSC210* Protein Purification and Analysis (5)

BSCxxx* Bioscience Elective (2)

BI343 Microbiology and Immunology

(Wilmington College)


BIO220* Microbiology (3-4)

Required: Proficiency Exam during senior year.

If BIO111 and/or BIO112 were not taken at Cincinnati State prior to matriculation at Wilmington College, then Wilmington’s BI230 and/or BI231 must be taken. Completing BI230 and/or BI231 while at Wilmington College may add an additional semester to a student’s Wilmington studies.

* Cincinnati State Technical and Community College courses