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Wilmington College’s Biology program is a comprehensive and modern program focused on preparing students for their futures. Of course different students have different needs so the program is divided into a series of “concentrations”. Students choose the concentration that best fits their personal aspirations. Whatever concentration you choose your education will be both broad and rigorous.

Furthermore, no matter which concentration you choose, as a Wilmington College Biology major you will have the opportunity to do an extensive and meaningful undergraduate research project. Admissions committees at medical, veterinary and other professional schools have come to expect candidates to have participated in undergradute research. Our expericence has shown that these projects are critically important to sudents who want to go out and get a job in thier field with their Bachelor’s degree. Employers highly value the skills and attitutes that undergraduate research projects build.

Biology Concentrations

Bachelor of Science: Life Sciences Concentration



Bachelor of Science: Health Sciences Concentration



Bachelor of Science: Environmental Science Concentration



Bachelor of Science: Biotechnology Concentration



Why Biology?

If you want to be a scientist who studies biological systems, then Biology is clearly the major for you. But if you want to become a doctor, veterinarian, physical therapist or other type of health-care professional then Biology might not be such an obvious choice.

Let’s look at some facts.

  • The American Association of Colleges of Medicine reports that in 2012, 51% of successful applicants to medical school had completed a bachelor’s degree in a biological science.
  • Seven of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine’s prerequisite courses are Biology courses. Other vet schools around the country have similar requirements.
  • Biology courses are required for admission into dental schools, physical therapy training programs and a host of other Allied Health professions.
  • A Bachelors’s degree in Biology is the natural entry point to the advanced degree programs that train individuals to be leading biological and biomedical researchers.
  • People with Bachelor’s degrees in Biology can also get jobs right out of college, no additional schooling required.