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Why choose WC?

Many of the benefits offered to Wilmington College Athletic Training students are described below. For a listing of the benefits we provide all WC students, visit Benefits of Being a WC Student.

Letter from the AT Program Director

Greetings, thank you for your interest in Wilmington College and our Athletic Training program! As Program Director, I’d like to discuss some of the benefits of our program as you continue your college search.

  • The program is nationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education(CAATE).
  • Many of our students and staff have won state, district and national awards.  Check out the scholarship and awards section of our website
  • Over the past 30 years, more than 250 graduates have passed the BOC exam to become Certified Athletic Trainers. In 1997, one of our students scored the highest in the nation!
  • Founded in 1974, our athletic training program is one of the oldest, largest and most productive in Ohio with a long, successful history of producing over 250 certified athletic trainers.
  • We have an extensive alumni network for job placement and internships since most of our graduates work in the state of Ohio. (The head athletic trainer for the Cincinnati Bengals and the head athletic trainer for the Kansas City Royals are graduates of our program.) We have graduates at all levels of athletic training.
  • We have an excellent reputation in the industry where employers testify that our graduates are extremely knowledgeable and qualified, thanks to the hands-on training that is the central point of our curriculum.
  • One distinct aspect of our program is the $6,500 scholarship that every athletic training major receives beginning their sophomore year through their senior year.
  • Students are permitted to play one intercollegiate sport per year and graduate with an Athletic Training degree in four years. At other colleges and universities, many will not allow you to play a sport, if they do, many require you to attend five years for an AT degree.

If you are interested in pursuing athletic training as a career choice, we can certainly provide you with a challenging, comprehensive curriculum that, with hard work and dedication, can help you achieve your career goals. I invite you to visit campus to meet with faculty and current students. To request additional information, click on the recruit form link at the top of this page and complete the form. I will personally respond by sending you additional information.

You may also call the Admissions Office at the number below to make an individual appointment with me or to register for our “Athletic Training Day”.   We invite all of our interested students and families to spend the morning with us.  We provide in-depth information about the program, the college and anything else you need to know about to help you make an informed decision.  I think you will be impressed with what you hear and see. We want you to be a part of our entering freshmen class.  I look forward to talking with you soon! – J. Brett Massie


  1. Each student accepted into the athletic training program receives a $6,500.00 scholarship paid over three years. Students are given $2,000.00 their sophomore and junior years and $2,500.00 their senior year.
  2. Steeped in 30 years of tradition, the program has been extremely successful in preparing over 200 graduates to pass the Board of Certification (BOC) exam to become Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC). With this large number of graduates we have developed an extensive alumni network for job placement. Upon graduation we will use this network to find you a job or acceptance into graduate school.
  3. Considered a “best-practice” model at the small-college level, WC Athletic Training faculty and students have been featured in full-color photographs on the cover of NATA News in April 2000— the monthly newsmagazine for Certified Athletic Trainers, as well as the cover of June 8, 2001 Chronicle of Higher Education Career Network Section—the weekly publication for all of higher education.
  4. Students are actively involved in research.  In 2005 five senior students and 2006 four senior students gave poster presentations at the state (OATA) and district (GLATA) annual meetings.  In 2005, Michael Moore, and in 2006 Kristin Stanton  won the “OATA Exceptional Research Award” for undergraduate students.   Each senior AT major completes a semester long research project of their choice and submitts their findings for publication and presentation.
  5. Extensive involvement from physicians and other allied-health care professionals. These individuals serve as guest lecturers and teachers. In several classes our physicians teach students the skills necessary for evaluating potentially life-threatening injuries and illnesses.
  6. The clinical education plan for Athletic Training is well-developed and includes early hands-on rotations in the state-of-the-art athletic training room, with sports teams and clinical rotations on and off campus.
  7. Unlike many other schools, students who major in Athletic Training at Wilmington College have an opportunity to participate in the highly competitive forum of NCAA athletics.  AT mjors are allowed to participate in one intercollegiate sport.  Many programs will not allow AT majors to play a sport and graduate in four years.
  8. The program is fully accredited by the Commission on Accredition of Athletic Training Education (CAATE), the national accrediting agency for the profession of Athletic Training.  Students must be a graduate of an accredited AT program to qualify for the BOC certification exam.  Students must pass this exam to become a Certified Atheltic Trainer.
  9. The faculty and staff at WC are deeply committed to meeting individual student needs. Together, the six full-time Athletic Training faculty and staff who teach and provide services have over 80 years of experience. WC is a private college that promotes understanding and respect for all people through the integration of its Quaker tradition, practices and beliefs. This non-discriminatory, social justice philosophy permeates throughout the program, and is a focal point in the development of caring attitudes toward injured athletes and patients.
  10. Wilmington’s AT program has won many awards in a variety of areas related to the field.