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Eric Dick

Adjunct Professor, Athletic Training

Eric is entering his first year at Wilmington College as a part-time Clinical In...

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Brian Dykhuizen

Head Athletic Trainer, Athletic Training, Athletics, Sports Sciences

First Year at Wilmington College: 2012 Degrees: BS from the University of Cinci...

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Erika Goodwin

VP for Strategic Initiatives, Academic Affairs, Athletic Training

Dr. Erika Goodwin is a Professor of Athletic Training in addition to serving as ...

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Cathy Hays

Assistant Athletic Trainer, Athletic Training

Cathy Williams Hays begins comes to us as an Outreach ATC from Beacon Orthopaedi...

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Brett Massie

Program Director, Associate Professor, Athletic Training, Sports Sciences

Dr. J. Brett Massie, AT, had previously served as an Assistant Professor and Dir...

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Robbie Oates

Assistant Athletic Trainer, Athletic Training

Robbie is an assistant Athletic Trainer with coverage responsibilities for Women...

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Jennifer Walker

Associate Professor, Sport Sciences Area Coordinator, Athletic Training, Sports Sciences

Jen is an Associate Professor of Athletic Training and the Athletic Training Cli...

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