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Harcum Art Gallery

Boyd Cultural Arts Center, Wilmington College

The primary mission of the Harcum Art Gallery is to educate. We seek to encourage creativity and appreciation in the visual arts through exhibition, outreach and awareness. Our role is to foster a greater sense of student inspiration and introduce the public to traditional and contemporary art methods. The Harcum Art Gallery looks to encourage art excellence through our programs, exhibitions and events. By creating an art experience, this gallery hopes to broaden the minds and add cultural enrichment to all who enter.

In addition to featuring national and regional exhibitions, we also display student shows at the end of each semester.


Gallery hours are weekdays, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and by special arrangements from curator Hal Shunk.

WORKS BY MIKE ELSASS | Open to the campus community Aug. 27, 2020, through Nov. 30, 2020.

Mike Elsass is a nationally recognized artist with work in over 2,000 private collections. Mike has his studio in Dayton and specializes in painting color field inspired work on weathered steel.

WORKS BY JACCI DELANY | Feb. 1 through April 17, 2021

Jacci (Columbus, OH) is an award-winning, nationally known sculptor who works in colorful block glass.


The Harcum Art Gallery opened in fall 2005 and is named after lifelong Wilmington College Trustee David Harcum (Class of 1951) and his wife June Harcum (Class of 1956).