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Harcum Art Gallery

Boyd Cultural Arts Center, Wilmington College

The primary mission of the Harcum Art Gallery is to educate. We seek to encourage creativity and appreciation in the visual arts through exhibition, outreach and awareness. Our role is to foster a greater sense of student inspiration and introduce the public to traditional and contemporary art methods. The Harcum Art Gallery looks to encourage art excellence through our programs, exhibitions and events. By creating an art experience, this gallery hopes to broaden the minds and add cultural enrichment to all who enter.

In addition to featuring national and regional exhibitions, we also display student shows at the end of each semester.


Gallery hours are weekdays, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and by special arrangement from curator Hal Shunk.

Convivial by Jacci Delaney

Exhibit on display Monday, Feb. 1 through Saturday, April 17, 2021

This banquet of artworks conveys a variety of emotions that I have made over the last ten years of my eighteen-year career. My work has been about overcoming loss and tragedy for years now. Even when it’s not so obvious in each artwork, it’s still there. Some of these works deal with overcoming depression or abuse. Other pieces are about triumph over death like “The Stoic Old Woman” who has survived her husbands passing and is still making artwork. “Finally!” is about the abused spouse that decides she’s not taking it anymore and leaves. I’m glad that we are starting to realize how much of a problem mental illness is and that a movement has started in this country for people to seek help. The two pieces “Break Through” and “It Takes Time” are the first time that the concept of overcoming mental illness was the major theme. These two are about people rising out of their closed up selves and the glass bubble wrap around the person’s head illustrates that. They are rising above that and scraping away the bubble wrap.

The glass cubes still use bubble wrap, but the context is different. These are about that fact that plastics are in our environment and they are not going away. These pieces look like geodes or something underwater, but they are glass bubble wrap and it is still beautiful. Next to the glass bubble wrap pieces are the fossilized fish and this is my earliest work.

Brandt-Roberts Galleries (Columbus) represents Jacci Delaney.



The Harcum Art Gallery opened in fall 2005 and is named after lifelong Wilmington College Trustee David Harcum (Class of 1951) and his wife June Harcum (Class of 1956).