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Students learn through practical experience how to use the tools, mediums, and techniques of artists. The minor prepares students to become practitioners of the visual arts and graduate students. Students are encouraged to develop a personal statement within their work while they produce projects that range from creating paintings to sculptures. Popular occupations in the art field include museum and gallery coordinator, art therapist, teacher, photographer, computer illustration, and freelance artist. Faculty members in the area can help provide specific career suggestions.

Students will be introduced to the techniques, ideas and vocabularies of producing a finished piece of artwork. Studio classes are intended to develop a “personal statement’ within the student. Students will demonstrate and create, through original ideas, artwork in both two and three dimensional media. Art minors will also examine the history of techniques, styles, and artists associated with a particular movement. Senior Art minors are required to submit a written thesis and prepare a thesis exhibition. In addition, Wilmington College offers teacher licensure in visual arts (grades pre-K-12). Students must be admitted to the teacher Education Program. It is recommended that students seeking licensure consult in the Art and Education areas. See Education for additional information.