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Resource Conservation & Regenerative Agriculture


Formerly Plant, Environmental & Soil Science

The Resource Conservation & Regenerative Agriculture concentration is designed for transfer students from Clark State Community College, Agricultural Technical Institute – The Ohio State University, and Southern State Community Colleges who have completed an Associate of Applied Science or a two-year technical degree in an area related to Agriculture, Horticulture, Natural Resources, or Environmental Studies with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0. Students may complete all graduation requirements, including the Agriculture major, with this concentration, in two years at Wilmington College. For students choosing to complete another major or for those changing to a different agriculture concentration it is possible that more than two years may be required.

Course Descriptions


8-Semester Plans are provided by programs to assist students in planning which courses to take during each of their eight semesters of college.

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Note: The most up-to-date curriculum is available via the current catalog.

A total of 50 hours is required.


Required: Common Core 26 hours

AG132 Principles of Crop/Animal Science Production I (4)

AG133 Principles of Crop/Animal Science Production II (4)

AG134 Exploring Agriculture (2)

AG138 Computer Applications in Agriculture I (2)

AG244 Agricultural Economics (4)

AG338 Computer Applications in Agriculture II (2)


Complete 4 hours of Agriculture Natural Science Requirement

AG130G Fundamentals of Horticulture (4)

AG250 Topics in Agriculture (2)

BI100/100G Topics in Biology (4)

BI131 Human Nutrition (4)

BI203 Human Biology (4)

BI230 Biological Sciences I (4)

BI231 Biological Sciences II (4)

CH101G Chemistry and the Environment (4)

CH230 Principles of Chemistry I (4)

CH231 Principles of Chemistry II (4)

EQ240 Equine Health Management (4)

EQ349 Principles & Study of Equine (4)

ES101G Environmental Science (4)

HS344 Human Anatomy (4)

HS345 Human Physiology (4)

PHXXX Any course in Physics (4)


Required courses: RCRA Core 12 hours

AG239 Soils of the Midwest (2)

AG330 Foundations of Soil Science* (4)

AG332 Agroecology* (4)

AG439 Soil and Water Conservation Policy


Required: RCRA Electives 4 hours from the following:

AG331 Soil Fertility* (4)

AG334 Weed Management* (4)

AG335 Organic Farming* (4)

AG339 Soil Conservation (2)

AG350 Topics in Agriculture – RCRA Focus (2 hour maximum) (2)

AG437 Forage Production and Management* (4)

AG485 Agriculture Practicum – RCRA Focus (2 hour maximum)* (2)


Required: Agricultural Business Electives 4 hours from the following:

AG333 Operations Management (2)

AG350 Topics in Agriculture – Agribusiness Focus (2 hour maximum)

(2) AG361 Commodity Marketing*

(4) AG362 Agricultural Leadership Theory and Practice*

(4) AG363 Agricultural Finance*

(4) AG460 Agriculture Policy*

(2) AG462 Farm Management* (4)


Required: Animal Science Electives 4 hours from the following:

AG340 Meat and Food Animal Science* (4)

AG343 Dairy Science* (4)

AG344 Sheep Science* (4)

AG345 Swine Science* (4)

AG346 Beef Science* (4)

AG347 Animal Health* (2)

AG349 Animal Nutrition* (4)

AG350 Topics in Agriculture – Animal Science Focus (2 hour maximum) (2)

AG485 Agriculture Practicum – Animal Science Focus (2 hour maximum)* (2)

EQ349 Principles and Study of Equine Production and Reproduction* (4)

EQ495 Equine Business Seminar* (4)

*prerequisite required