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Agricultural Communication

Total Hours: 48

Agriculture Core Courses:

AG133 Principles of Crops & Animal Science II (4)
AG136 Computer Applications in Agriculture (4)

AG244 Agricultural Economics (4)

AG495 Seminar in Agriculture (4)

AG130, BI230, BI231,CH130, CH230 (4)

Communication Arts Core:

AG272 Introduction to Agricultural Communication (2)

CA233 Communication Theory and Concept (2)

CA234/TR271 Public Speaking or Political Advocacy (2)

CA330 Copywriting and Copy Editing (4)



Required Communication Electives: Choose 10 hours from the following.

CA332 Foundations of Digital Design (4)

CA336 Broadcast Media (4)

CA337 Digital Photography and Videography (4)

CA350 Topics in Communication Arts (4)

CA363 Public and Media Relations (4)

CA364 Social Media Management (4)

CA365 Advanced Digital Journalism (2)

CA470 Internship (1-4 hours)

PS337 Global Politics of Food (4)

SY333G Environmental Sociology & Communications (4)


Required Agricultural Business Electives: Choose 4 from the following.

AG350 Topics in Agriculture – Agribusiness Focus (2 hour max.)

AG361 Commodity Marketing

AG363 Agribusiness Financial Management

AG462 Agriculture Production Management


Required Animal Science Electives: Choose 4 hours from the following.

AG350 Meat and Food Animal Science*

AG343 Dairy Science

AG344 Sheep Science

AG345 Swine Science

AG346 Beef Science

AG347 Animal Health

AG349 Animal Nutrition

AG350 Topics in Agriculture – Animal Science Focus (2 hours max.)

AG485 Agriculture Practicum – Animal Science Focus (2 hours max.)

EQ344 Equine Production*

EQ395 Equine Business Management*

*Prerequisite required


Required Agronomy Electives: Choose 4 hours from the following.

AG331 Advanced Soils and Soil Fertility

AG334 Weed Management

AG335 Organic Farming

AG350 Topics in Agriculture – Crops, Horticulture or Soil Focus (2 hours max.)

AG435 Forage and Grain Crop Production

AG485 Agriculture Practicum – Crops, Horticulture or Soil Focus (2 hours max.)