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Agricultural Business


The Agricultural Business concentration combines agriculture courses with varied offerings in accounting, business administration, and economics. Students with this concentration usually enter supply or marketing firms closely associated with farm production or return to home farms. They work in areas such as agricultural credit, farm business management, agricultural supply firm management, and marketing. Many students choose a dual major in Business Administration.

Course Descriptions

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Note: The most up-to-date curriculum is available via the current catalog.

A total of 48 hours is required.

Common Core (Agriculture)

AG132 Principles of Crop and Animal Science Production I (4)
AG133 Principles of Crop and Animal Science Production II (4)
AG134 Exploring Agriculture (2)
AG138 Computer Applications in Agriculture I (2)
AG244 Agricultural Economics (4)
AG338 Computer Applications in Agriculture II (2)
AG495 Seminar in Agriculture (4)

Select one of the following to complete Agriculture Natural Science Requirement:

AG130G Fundamentals of Horticulture (4)
BI230 Biological Sciences I (4)
BI231 Biological Sciences II (4)
CH230 Principles of Chemistry I (4)

Ag Business Core

AG234 Sustainable Regional Development (2)
AG363 Agribusiness Financial Management (4)

Ag Business Electives

Note: Only 4 hours outside of AG will count towards the required 10 hours.

Select 10 hours of the following.

AG350 Topics in Agriculture – Agribusiness Focus (2 hour maximum) (2)
AG361 Commodity Marketing (4)
AG362 Sustainable Agricultural Leadership (4)
AG460 Agriculture Policy (2)
AG462 Agriculture Production Management* (4)
AG470 Internship (2 hour maximum) (2)
EC334 Business Statistics I* (4)
MA330 Business Law* (4)
MA369 Corporate Finance* (4)
MA430 Stocks, Bonds, and Investments (4)
MK369 B2B Marketing/Sales* (4)

Agronomy Electives

Select 4 hours from the following.

AG330 Foundations of Soil Science* (4)
AG331 Advanced Soils and Soil Fertility* (4)
AG334 Weed Management* (4)
AG335 Organic Farming (4)
AG350 Topics in Agriculture – Crops, Horticulture, or Soil Focus (2 hours maximum) (2)
AG435 Forage and Grain Crop Production* (4)
AG485 Agriculture Practicum – Crops, Horticulture, or Soil Focus (2 hour maximum) (2)

Animal Science Electives

Select 4 hours from the following.

AG340 Meat and Food Animal Science (4)
AG343 Dairy Science (4)
AG344 Sheep Science (4)
AG345 Swine Science (4)
AG346 Beef Science (4)
AG347 Animal Health (2)
AG349 Animal Nutrition (4)
AG350 Topics in Agriculture – Animal Science Focus (2 hour maximum) (2)
AG485 Agriculture Practicum – Animal Science Focus (2 hour maximum) (2)
EQ344 Equine Production* (4)
EQ495 Equine Business Management* (4)

*prerequisite required