Faculty & Staff

Name / Title, DepartmentEmailPhone
Laura Struve
Professor, English
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Matthew Sylvester
Assistant Coach - Basketball (M), Sports Sciences
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Steve Szeghi
Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs, Academic Affairs
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Nina Talley
Director of Career Services, Career Services
Send Email937.481.2299
Susan Taylor
Budget Director, Business Office
Send Email937-481-2307
Harold Thirey
Assistant Professor, Agriculture
Send Email937-481-2396
Virginia Thomas
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Send Email937.481.2397
Sonia Thompson
Assistant Director, Billing and VA Benefits, One Stop Center
Send Email937-481-2353
Debbie Triance
Representative, One Stop Center
Send Email937-481-2494
Bill Urbanowicz
Adjunct Professor, Agriculture
Send Email937.481.2205
Barbara Utendorf
Visiting Assistant Professor, Psychology
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Stephen Wadsack
Director of Athletic Bands and Instrumental Music Instructor, Admissions
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Audrey Wagstaff
Associate Professor, Psychology
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Matt Wahrhaftig
Vice President for College Advancement, Advancement
Send Email937-481-2263
Jennifer Walker
Associate Professor, Sport Sciences Area Coordinator, Athletic Training
Send Email937-481-2393
Amber Walters
Director of Disability Services
Send Email937.481.2444
Lorie Watts
Associate Director - Student Accounts, One Stop Center
Send Email937-481-2354
Charlie Weaver
Adjunct Professor, Agriculture
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Ashleigh Wellman
Associate Director of Digital Marketing, Public Relations
Send Email937-481-2530
Heath Whittamore
Network Manager, Information Technology
Send Email937-481-2420
Tim Wiederhold
Admission Counselor, Admissions
Send Email937.481.2265
Nick Wiget
Instructor of Communication Arts, Communication Arts
Send Email937.481.2310
Marta Wilkinson
Associate Professor of English, WID Coordinator, English
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Sarah Williams
Adjunct Professor, Agriculture
Send Email937.481.2205
Douglas Woodmansee
Professor, Biology
Send Email937-481-2431