Faculty & Staff

Name / Title, DepartmentEmailPhone
Courtney Covert
Adjunct Professor, Social Sciences
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Roy Coy
Officer, Campus Safety
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April Crank
Senior Financial Aid Counselor, One Stop Center
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Steve Cukovecki
Assistant Director of Admission, Admissions
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Sara Culler
Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics, Business Administration
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Teresa Curry
Payroll & Benefits Coordinator, Human Resources
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Trent Czartoski
Manager of the Academic Farm, Agriculture
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Anne Daniels
Assistant Professor, History
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Austin Defoe
Campus Safety Officer, Campus Safety
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Victoria DeSensi
Associate Professor, Psychology
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Diane Dew
Adjunct Professor, Cincinnati Branch
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Eric Dick
Interim Director of Athletic Training, Athletic Training
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Charles Dick
Associate Professor, Accounting, Cincinnati Branch
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George Dimidik
Director of IT, Information Technology
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Vince Duggins
Plumbing Supervisor, Physical Plant
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Tristen Durr
Assistant Track & Field Coach (Throws), Athletics
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Jennifer Durren
HR Administrator, Human Resources
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Brian Dykhuizen
Head Athletic Trainer, Athletic Training
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Hanna Edge
Athletic Trainer, Athletic Training
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Stephenie Eriksson
Adjunct Professor, Education
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Evan Farr
Assistant Professor of Humanities and Global Issues, peace studies
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Corey Fillipovich
Defensive Coordinator - Football, Athletics
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James FitzSimmons
Chair / Professor, Mathematics
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Ken Fliehman
Adjunct, Agriculture
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Beth Floyd
Head Coach of Softball, Instructor, Coaching
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