Faculty & Staff

Name / Title, DepartmentEmailPhone
Wynn Alexander
Professor, Theatre & Fine Arts
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Michael Allbright
Assistant Dean of Students for Housing and Residence Life, Housing
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Monte Anderson
Professor, Agriculture
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Dana Andrews
Grounds Supervisor, Physical Plant
Send Email937-481-2406
Debra Arneson
Academic Records Coordinator, Academic Records
Send Email937-481-2464
Pamela Baessler
Assistant Registrar, Academic Records
Send Email937-481-2322
Vicki Baker-McFarlane
Accounts Resolution Coordinator, One Stop Center
Send Email937.481.2236
Brandon Balandra
Controller, Business Office
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Donna Barton
Assistant Director - Financial Aid, One Stop Center
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Allen Beatty
Assistant Professor of Accounting, Accounting
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Matthew Bliss
Assistant Professor of Sport Sciences/Director of Exercise Science, exercise science
Send Email937.481.2343
Jane Bogan
Associate Professor, Education
Send Email937.481.2281
James Boland
Professor, Education
Send Email937-481-2275
Katie Bontrager
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness, Title III Budget and Data Director, Academic Affairs
Send Email937-481-2280
Tiffany Boris
Staff Accountant, Business Office
Send Email937.481.2379
Lee Bowman
Assistant Professor, Cataloger/Reference Librarian, Library
Send Email937-481-2394
Eileen Bowman
Office Manager, Physical Plant
Send Email937-481-2404
William Bradley
Advising and Financial Aid Director, External Programs, Cincinnati Branch
Send Email513.618.0604
Trip Breen, III
Head Coach - Swimming (M/W), Sports Sciences
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Douglas Burks
Professor, Biology
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Jon Callan
Assistant Director / Electrician, Physical Plant
Send Email937-481-2291
Tammi Carpenter
Senior Counselor - Financial Aid, One Stop Center
Send Email937-481-2249
Lucinda Chandler
Director of Watson Library, Library
Send Email937.481.2346
Mark Chrisman
Visiting Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Send Email937.481.2259
Kendra Cipollini
Associate Professor, Biology
Send Email937-481-2367