Faculty & Staff

Name / Title, DepartmentEmailPhone
Wynn Alexander
Professor, Theatre & Fine Arts
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Michael Allbright
Asst. VP for Student Affairs, Student Life
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Monte Anderson
Professor, Agriculture
Send Email937.481.2327
Dana Andrews
Grounds Supervisor, Physical Plant
Send Email937-481-2406
Debra Arneson
Academic Records Coordinator, Academic Records
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Pamela Baessler
Assistant Registrar, Academic Records
Send Email937-481-2322
Vicki Baker-McFarlane
Accounts Resolution Coordinator, One Stop Center
Send Email937.481.2236
Allen Beatty
Assistant Professor of Accounting, Accounting
Send Email937.481.2390
Mitch Blankespoor
Director of Athletic Communications, Athletics
Send Email937.481.2347
Janel Blankespoor
Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach/Director of Compliance/SAAC Advisor, Athletics
Send Email937.481.2329
Matthew Bliss
Assistant Professor of Sport Sciences/Director of Exercise Science, exercise science
Send Email937.481.2343
Jane Bogan
Associate Professor, Area Coordinator, Education, Education
Send Email937.481.2281
Lee Bowman
Assistant Professor, Cataloger/Reference Librarian, Library
Send Email937-481-2394
Eileen Bowman
Office Manager, Physical Plant
Send Email937-481-2404
William Bradley
Advising and Financial Aid Director, External Programs, Cincinnati Branch
Send Email513.618.0604
Trip Breen, III
Head Coach - Swimming (M/W), Sports Sciences
Send Email937-481-2212
Tim Burgoyne
Assistant Professor of Management, Business Administration
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Jon Callan
Assistant Director / Electrician, Physical Plant
Send Email937-481-2291
Tammi Carpenter
Associate Director of Enrollment Success, Admissions
Send Email937-481-2249
Lucinda Chandler
Director of Watson Library, Library
Send Email937.481.2346
Mark Chrisman
Visiting Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Send Email937.481.2259
Kendra Cipollini
Professor, Biology
Send Email937-481-2367
Ruth Clark
Academic Analyst, Academic Affairs
Send Email937.481.2240
Carl Coatney,Jr.
Equipment Manager, Athletics
Send Email937-481-2324
Corey Cockerill
Associate Professor, Communication Arts & Agriculture, Director of WISE Program, Agriculture
Send Email937-481-2302