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UPDATED June 18, 2021 — Wilmington College appreciates the hard work by students, faculty and staff over the last year to keep our campus safe. It has been a long road and we continue to see positive results from the protocols and vaccines. We look forward to a safe, successful and more normal new year in 2021-22.

The College considered the latest guidelines issued by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Ohio Department of Health and Clinton County Health Dept. in revising campus, COVID-related protocols effective Wednesday, June 16, 2021. WC’s relaxed policies come after the State of Ohio rescinded health orders pertaining to COVID-19 earlier in the month while stating that, “Businesses may continue to require mitigation measures (e.g. masking and social distancing) among those vaccinated and unvaccinated, and individuals may choose to practice mitigation measures.”

Fully vaccinated individuals may move about campus without a facial covering and without socially distancing. Unvaccinated individuals must continue to protect themselves and others by wearing facial coverings and social distancing as indicated. The campus will return to full operations for the 2021-22 fiscal and academic year with all faculty and staff returning to campus.

General Campus Protocol
Updated General Campus Protocol policies have been adopted and pertain to all students, employees and visitors regardless of whether they have been vaccinated or tested positive for COVID19 previously. This will replace all previous campus, employee and student protocols. The College will continue to monitor this issue over the summer and make any necessary adjustments.

Students, Employees and Guests

Employees will be required to provide proof of vaccination the the Human Resources Office.
Students will be required to provide proof of vaccination to the Student Health & Wellness Center.
Facial coverings are optional for vaccinated individuals.
Facial coverings must be worn inside buildings (and outside if not social distancing) by any individual that is unvaccinated (unless alone in a private office).
Social distancing is required for those unvaccinated.
Good hygiene including frequent hand washing is recommended.

 Office Space
Facial coverings are not required while alone in personal office spaces. Unvaccinated  individuals must wear a facial covering in personal office space if they have visitors.
Employees will be responsible for the sanitization of their personal office space including desk, computer, telephone, chairs on a daily basis.
A general cleaning of all offices will take place on a weekly schedule by the College housekeeping staff.

Conference/Meeting Rooms
Facial coverings must be worn by unvaccinated individuals and are optional for vaccinated individuals.
A general cleaning will take place daily.

Classrooms will continue to be socially distanced.
• Facial coverings must be worn by unvaccinated individuals and are optional for vaccinated individuals.
A general cleaning of classrooms will take place daily.

Wilmington College Vehicles
• Facial coverings must be worn by unvaccinated occupants and are optional for vaccinated individuals.

COVID Vaccine
While Wilmington College does not require employees or students to obtain the COVID vaccine, it is strongly recommended. 

Individual Self-Assessment Requirements – Vaccinated and Unvaccinated
All students, staff and faculty should continue to conduct a personal self-assessment including taking their temperature for the following COVID symptoms on a daily basis: 

  • Cough. 
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. 
  • Fever (100.4F or higher) 
  • Chills. 
  • Muscle pain. 
  • Sore throat. 
  • New loss of taste or smell. 
  • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. 

Individuals experiencing the above symptoms should: 

  • Contact your health care provider for assessment of the symptoms prior to coming to campus. 
  • If directed to be tested by your health care provider, employees and students should advise Human Resources or Student Affairs. 
  • Follow directives from your health care provider and/or local health department with regard to isolation or quarantine requirements. Advise Human Resources or Student Affairs. 

As Ohio has opened COVID-19 vaccine eligibility to all individuals 12 and older, the College will resume fully on-campus operations for the 2021-2022 fiscal and academic year. While the College has not required that students, faculty, and staff obtain the COVID-19 vaccine to return to campus at this time, we strongly encourage every member of the College community to get vaccinated. 

At this time, all faculty and staff are expected to return to campus to complete the expectations of their roles and responsibilities, even if classes are being taught on-line. 

The College will consider continued remote learning and working accommodations for individuals who have a medical contradiction to the COVID-19 vaccine and who provide supporting medical documentation from a physician. The College will also consider accommodations for individuals who are unable to receive the COVID-19 vaccine based on the tenets of an organized religion. Employees that desire to learn more about receiving an accommodation can contact the Human Resources Office for more information. Students should contact Student Affairs.

Moving Forward
The signage on campus will be updated to reflect the new protocols. Other signage such as stairwell directional signs, restroom, elevator and room capacity will be removed.

Fall class schedules have already been developed with the current Campus COVID-19 protocols and a minority of classes are currently scheduled to be online or in a hybrid format.  The VP for Academic Affairs will work with area coordinators, faculty and the Registrar to make any adjustments to classrooms and delivery formats that may need to take place (where possible and appropriate).

The College will continue to review the federal, state and local COVID information, regulations and statistics. Adjustments to campus protocols will be made if necessary.

VIEW CONFIRMED CASES Ohio Dept. of Health Center for Disease Control (CDC)