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  • Audiences are not permitted for indoor sports competitions until after Jan. 20 at the earliest.
  • Facial coverings are required indoors
  • The Dining Hall protocols of four to a table and designated entrance/exit will continue.

Spring 2022 Semester Updates

Dec. 30, 2021

WC Campus Community,

The following message is an important COVID-19 update recognizing the potential impact of holiday celebrations on our planned return to campus next week.

  1. A sub-group of the COVID-19 response team has continued to focus on COVID-19 over the break. We have been meeting regularly to continue to assess the local and national situation in collaboration with the local health department/officials to provide these and other COVID-19 related updates to the community.
    1. Please submit any questions regarding this message to
  2. Please practice safe holiday celebrations by masking and social distancing during any large group/public celebrations that you may choose to attend.
  3. If you experience any COVID-19 related symptoms or have a positive COVID-19 test result in the coming days prior to returning to campus:
    1. Immediately activate the College’s Individual Self-Assessment Requirements found in our current COVID-19 Protocols.
    2. Do NOT plan to physically come to campus unless otherwise instructed to do so by:

i.      Human Resources ( for employees

ii.      Student Health Services(  for students

  1. For each person on campus, we need you to use the tools we have at our disposal to combat the pandemic including:
    1. Masks covering nose and mouth
    2. Social Distancing
    3. Vaccinations including booster dose when eligible

i.      Vaccinations can be obtained here in Wilmington at the local Health Department, Kroger, CVS, or Walmart Pharmacy, or other local medical facility.  Clinics will also be held on campus during the semester, stay tuned for additional updates.

  1. Please review the Arrivals back to campus for Spring Semester 2022 email below from Sigrid.
  2. Keep a watchful eye out for additional Return to Campus related information via email, College website, social media, and/or the WC student app.

To keep our campus community safe and healthy, we need each person to do their very best.  At Wilmington College, doing our best begins with the aspiration of our thoughts, words (written and verbal) and actions being reflective of our campus’ Quaker Core Values.


President Trevor

Dec. 23 Message from Sigrid Solomon on Arrivals Back to Campus for Spring Semester 2022

All Main Students (residential, commuters, vaccinated and unvaccinated):

All students returning (and those that have stayed on campus) from Winter Break will be required to complete a formal check-in process.  Every student will complete a COVID Arrival Form through PRIVIT within 24 hours of their arrival and complete a temperature check and a COVID-19 Test upon arrival. The times for this will be from 9:00am to 6:00pm on Wednesday, January 5th, 2022 at the CSS Turf field.  Each student is expected to click this Sign-Up Genius link to facilitate the process for the wellness checks.  There are 20 slots per 15-minute time block.  Please make sure to be properly masked and to try to maintain proper social distancing.

For any students traveling a significant distance, it would be suggested that you can take a Rapid COVID Test at home to get an initial health assessment prior to traveling to campus.  However, this test will not replace the on-campus test.   All students will be required to complete the campus Rapid COVID Test.  If any student receives a positive Rapid COVID Test, then they will be required to leave campus return to their home address.  A separate return arrival date will then be determined once you complete the required isolation period, which will be arranged with the Office of Health Services, in conjunction with the Athletic Training staff. If you have tested positive within the 90 days prior to January 5, you will need to provide proof of the positive test results in order to waive the on-campus testing on January 5th

Any student who fails to adhere to this process will not be able to receive their room keys, nor attend in-person or virtual classes until they do so.  If you have a scheduling conflict, please each out to Health Services at 937.481.2217.

Blessings to you for a great Holiday Season!


Sigrid Solomon
Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students/ Title IX Coordinator

Vaccine Requirement Update

December 14, 2021

Dear Wilmington College Community,

Today, in light of some important new information, I am announcing that Wilmington College will be pausing our current requirement for all students, faculty, and staff to be fully vaccinated or have an approved exemption prior to the start of the Spring Semester 2022.

At the beginning of this academic year, I shared with campus our COVID-19 protocols and indicated that we would be reviewing them monthly beginning in September to determine if any modifications needed to be made.

I also shared that it is our responsibility to ensure that our campus is doing everything possible to reduce the spread of this virus and keep our community of students, faculty and staff safe.

In late summer, The Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus contributed to an increase in cases resulting in illnesses and deaths across the country.  At that time, the FDA also officially approved a COVID-19 vaccine for use for adults.

At the beginning of the fall semester, we saw the vaccine rate among our campus community was well below where we hoped it to be.

On September 9, 2021, the federal government issued a mandate for all employers, including private colleges and universities, with over 100 employees to either mandate the COVID-19 vaccine or have weekly testing.

As we stated at the beginning of the semester, we have continued to monitor and adjust protocols as necessary.  In recent weeks we have seen changes in the status of the federal government requirements and, this week, we learned federal judges have placed a stay on the orders. This means the federal mandates on organizations have been paused.

In light of this information, we are again making what we believe to be appropriate adjustments to our protocols by announcing that Wilmington College will be pausing our current requirement for all students, faculty, and staff to be fully vaccinated or have an approved exemption prior to the start of the Spring Semester 2022.

To be clear, all students, faculty, and staff are welcome to begin the spring 2022 term regardless of vaccination and exemption status.

We will continue to monitor the federal processes and legislation, and will update the campus community as more information becomes available.  Updated campus masking, social distancing, and other related protocols will be shared early next week with the campus community.

Finally, I want to reiterate our support for members of our campus community to get vaccinated to protect themselves and others. There is significant evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective in reducing the negative impact of the COVID 019 virus in terms of preventing severe illness or death.

Thank you and Blessings to all.

Trevor Bates
Wilmington College