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Wilmington College’s ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic continues to place the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff as of paramount importance. The College’s COVID-19 Response Team and the Safety & Emergency Committee have been meeting weekly to keep abreast of the ever-changing information, guidelines and regulations from the Center for Disease Control, Ohio Department of Health, Department of Education, Governor DeWine’s office, the Clinton County Health Department and our campus medical experts (physician, nurses, athletic trainers) to ensure the safe return to campus for all. Also, three sub-committees of the Safety and Emergency Committee are addressing the critical areas of housing, dining services and the return to the classroom and intercollegiate athletics.

The College’s goal is to provide safe housing and residential space for its students. Numerous options are available, from single room occupancy and allowing students to “opt-In” to multiple occupancy rooms, to allowing students to commute from home or an off-campus residence during this academic year. As a result of the pandemic, WC has partnered with its dining services provider, Sodexo, an international corporation, to implement changes designed to ensure a safe dining experience while continuing to provide exceptional service to the College community. These changes meet or exceed safety requirements and/or recommendations related to the COVID-19 pandemic set forth by the Ohio Department of Health.

Additional steps are being planned in preparation for the return of students to campus this fall. Class options will include face-to-face, hybrid traditional, hybrid flex, online synchronous and online asynchronous classes. The College will adhere to guidelines determined by the NCAA and Ohio Athletic Conference in bringing student-athletes to campus and staging intercollegiate athletics this year. Comprehensive information on the start of school this fall is available in the links featured below.

The main campus reopened for staff to return to work on June 8. Main campus summer classes are all online. Students may access the library and other student resources electronically. Please be aware that access to any campus building is currently limited to employees. Students and guests can access certain buildings by appointment.

Student Information

Please note that there are many useful resources listed at the bottom of this page as well.


The academic calendar provides important deadlines and dates for the 2020-21 academic year.

Commuter Student Spaces

ADDED 8/25 -This page lists the spaces that are available for use by our commuting students.


ADDED 8/27 – This document provides detailed information regarding the consequences in place for students who violate WC COVID-19 Protocols.

COVID-19 Protocol

UPDATED 8/21 – This document contains information and procedures regarding self-assessment, testing, confirmed cases and exposure to COVID-19 at Wilmington College.

CSA Student Computer Room Procedures

This document provides cleaning procedures for the Student Computer Room in the Center for Science & Agriculture.


This document includes new expectations and information regarding dining on campus.

Education Delivery Plans

This document provides information about social distancing expectations in the classroom and minimum technology requirements for 2020-21.


This is a link to information available on regarding fall sports.

Housing &  Residence Life Plan

This document provides housing mode availability and sanitation plans.

Lab Procedures

This document provides lab procedures for those courses which require experimental laboratories.

Math Center Procedures

This document provides cleaning procedures for the Math Center (located in the Center for Science & Agriculture)


This document announces the postponement of fall sports.


Get the answers to frequently asked questions regarding fall sports in 2020.

Refusal to Wear Facial Coverings or Maintain Proper Social Distance

Pages 187-188 of the 2020-21 Student Handbook explain the disciplinary measures for those students who refuse to comply with COVID-19 safety procedures.

Return to Campus Guidelines

Wilmington College’s current plans for returning to campus in August 2020.

Student-Athlete Return to Campus Info

Return to campus information that is specific to student-athletes.

Student Health Center Info

Information provided by the Wilmington College Student Health Center


Learn more about bookstore vouchers, logging into WILpay and payment options.


This site details quarantine protocols and restrictions for those returning to campus from out-of-state, particularly COVID-19 “hot spots.”

Urgent Care Centers & COVID-19 Symptoms


Cincinnati Branch

The Wilmington College Cincinnati office is only open virtually at this time, not physically. All branch faculty and staff are working remotely. On Monday, August 31, Cincinnati State discovered a major water line break in the Main Building of its Clifton campus. Our office and classrooms are located in the Main Building. While our physical space did not experience water damage, access to the buildings is restricted and services such as water and electricity have been shut down as well. We are hoping to return to our office soon, but that doesn’t stop us from being available via phone or email! Please contact us at 513.569.4580 or 513.569.1806. You can also email us at


We are asking for you to contact your supervisor if you exhibit any flu-like symptoms while you are away from campus.  It’s important for us to know if you are ill so we can plan for your return and make certain that everyone is safe.

Employee ProtocolsUPDATED 9/10

ADA Accommodation Request

Travel Advisory