Lady Quakers Use Bargaining Skills

May 13, 2012

Brianna Peters (at left) uses her bargaining skills during a shopping trip in Shanghai.

Brianna Peters (at left) uses her bargaining skills during a shopping trip in Shanghai.


Today LQB got the chance to use their bargaining skills at a market this morning. After spending some time visiting the Yu Garden, filled with flowers, flowing river, bright colored fish, and more, we continued into the market.

The market was packed full of people and LQB learned how to push and shove politely right along with the Chinese.

Many of the girls had the chance to bargain with the vendors and a lot of them were pretty good. Many vendors would start at a very high price and the girls would bargain them to a super low price.

After the market the group got to enjoy a Mongolian BBQ style of lunch before they headed to the game. The game today was very different from the previous games. The opposing team was in the WCBA which is equivalent to America’s WNBA so the team was a lot more experienced and talented than the previous teams.

The game was held in a brand new stadium that had been built to mimic the Houston Rockets stadium in Texas. LQB was privileged to be the first team to play on the court against the Shanghai City Sharks. LQB fought hard but lost to the tall and extremely talented and athletic Chinese.

This evening we finally had the chance to dine on some fine American food, KFC. The team was happy for the change in pace of food.

After dinner we watched an acrobatic show. The acrobats had been trained very hard and since a very early age. The performance was phenomenal and a great entertainment for LQB.


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