LQB Checks Out Old China, New City and Underground Shopping

May 10, 2012


LQB had a busy third day in Beijing! We started off by visiting Old China. It was here where we experienced the rickshas. We loaded on these carriages, two Quakers per sha and an entertaining driver for each, and toured Old China.

Old China was very interesting with all its open food markets, people and the street sellers, who wouldn't give up on selling the pushover Americans their cheap souvenirs. It probably didn't help that we found bargaining with them to be like a sport, especially Coach Scheve!

After finally breaking free from the craziness of the street market we headed to New City for lunch, where we ate the best of the best of course, chicken and rice!

The restaurant was in the top of a pearl jewelry shop, and of course being the shopaholics that we are we spent a good amount of time picking out beautiful pearls for ourselves and loved ones back home.

From there we went to the summer palace where we learned about the lady dragon and toured the palace.

We had a choice at the end of the tour to either walk to meet the bus or take a boat across the lake. Now, being the fit athletes that you all know we are, we of course chose to take the boat!

By this time in the day we were tired of walking and our feet were sore but the day was far from over. We headed to a traditional tea tasting ceremony where we finally got to sit down and relax while enjoying the different flavors of China's finest tea.

Once we all got off our feet for a while and recouped during the tea ceremony and dinner we were ready to shop! We went to a shopping center that was located underground! It was something we had definitely never experienced before, and LQB went wild.

There was three floors in this mall and all were occupied by us shopping deprived girls, as if we hadn't been buying things all day! By the time we met back up for the subway we were exhausted and ready for bed. We rode back to the station near our hotel and crashed immediately.

So far China has succeeded at wearing us out. So until tomorrow, this is Chelsie and Haley signing out. 


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