And the Trip Continues

May 14, 2012

Random people have a way of making their way into photos of the Lady Quakers.

Random people have a way of making their way into photos of the Lady Quakers.



Day 8 in China and everybody's getting worn out. It's been a long trip, but today was something everyone was looking forward to, the Oriental Pearl Tower.

The tower is 468 meters high with 2 ruby-like crystal balls. It really is an eye catcher. We went all the way up to floor 263, ears popping and all. We got to look at the ground below us through the glass floor. We were so high up that it was scary to walk on it. It almost felt like you could fall through at any minute.

A lot of things have changed from Beijing to Shanghai, but one thing that hasn't changed were the Chinese people wanting to take pictures at the tower. They still love us Americans.

Next was the Buddha Temple. It was interesting because when we first walked in people were worshipping Buddha with in-scents. There was a big fire that they burned them with then just stood outside bowing to each temple to worship Buddha.

Walking into the temples, we were greeted with big statues everywhere. The smiling Buddha was the most famous in China and brought happiness to people. We ran into some monks there too. They didn't seem to like the flashes on our camera too much, but they did start singing a little tune as we were leaving.

It's crazy to think that they have to live there day in and out, that's dedication. We took a look at the Jade Buddha which is a female Buddha. We weren't allowed to take pictures because the flash would ruin the jade.

Game 4 and of course we ran into more trees. This girl was 6'10" and more lanky than ever. The team wasn't as good as expected, but then again LQB got off to a rough start.

The game was close until the second half. We managed to pull away and start playing better. No 6'10" girl was going to stop us now! We salute Bethany Kincer seeing as it was her last game with LQB. We'll miss her and she had a great season.

LQB leaves China with a record of 3-1. And the trip continues. 


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