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Our exhibits, programs, and special events help our students, faculty, staff, and community members to better understand what we mean when we say Wilmington is a Quaker college.

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Quaker Heritage Center Observes 10 Years as ‘Teaching/Learning Facility’

As Ruth Brindle selected pieces to feature in the Meriam R. Hare Quaker Heritage Center’s 10-year retrospective exhibit, she saw faces of students with each artifact and museum piece she pulled from storage.

The QHC’s curator recalled the students that researched this or that piece, wrote the description for these displayed items or designed the presentation for a particular exhibit. It was a telling moment that brought to life the Quaker Heritage Center’s first decade in a way she hadn’t expected when first planning the exhibit that runs through Dec. 11.


Ohio House of Representatives Commends Quaker Heritage Center for 10 Years

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QHC-SephiaIn 1828, the Walthall family, Quaker ancestors of Meriam Hare, decided to leave their home in Gravely Run, Virginia, and journey to Ohio.  In the late 1880s, almost 60 years after their journey, William Walthall recalled the trip he experienced as a child in his memoir.  Experience their journey through the words of William Walthall and the treasures of the Walthall family.


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