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Summer Leadership Plunge

Dates: July 15-19, 2014

What is the Summer Leadership Plunge?

During the summer, the Student Life division, hosts A Summer "Plunge," for incoming students. The Plunge hosts approximately 18 participants from the first-year class who are chosen during an application process. The 5-day program is an opportunity to meet and get to know staff members as well as other student leaders while learning a framework for your own leadership development.  As participants begin their student careers at Wilmington College the Plunge prepares them to feel comfortable with their abiliities and confident to take on various leadership roles on campus. 

How are participants chosen?

The Program Director and the Admission Office identify a select, core group of students to invite to apply for the program. Students are identified by a number of items, including their high school GPA, ACT score, extra-curricular activities, among others. Those students are asked to complete an application, and students with the strongest applications are selected.

What is the application process (if selected to apply)?

Materilas are mailed out and include a link to the online application for you to complete and return. On the web are pictures, a short video and other information about The Leadership Plunge. The application will have specific postmark dates in which to return them by.  Printed applications are acceptable and can be mailed to the Program Director. You will be notified two weeks prior whether you are selected or not. We will make an alternate list to use if we have cancellations.
Note: Space is limited so apply early.

*If you received a letter in the mail, scroll down to find the link for the password protected Plunge Application.  Use the password contained in the letter to access the application.  You can send a hard copy through the mail or attach it electonically to an email to the Plunge Coordinator.

What will participants do?

Participants will begin to get to know each other the day they arrive to campus. They will interact with some current Wilmington students and with a variety of administrators and staff at the College. We will learn about the "Social Change Model," which provides a framework of leadership and service. Participants will spend at day at Camp Joy going through various leadership initiatives as well as a high ropes course.  You'll get to know more about yourself as a leader, about how you interact in groups, and how you can best serve your community. There will be lots of interactive discussions and experiences and fun activities to get you familiar with the College and the surrounding community.

What are the costs?

Each participant is asked to submit a $75 non-refundable deposit when she or he is selected and accepts their "place" in the Leadership Plunge.  This fee includes all food, lodging, transportation, program materials and any other activities. Participants should bring some spending money for additional snacks or other items available for purchase.

Who are the Plunge facilitators & staff?

The Student Life division, administrators and staff will facilitate your Plunge experience. These are full-time, year-round employees of the College who have a deep interest in student growth and leadership development. Other staff include upperclassmen who are former "plungers" themselves. They serve as group leaders, mentors, and even live in the halls with participants.

Click HERE to see more pictures and a video of past plunge activities

Download the Health Information Sheet here

Password Protected Application

For more information contact the Summer Plunge Coordinator
Ken Lydy
phone: 937-382-6661 ext. 624
fax: 937-383-8560