Barbara Reynolds

Babara ReynoldsBarbara Reynolds, founder of the Peace Resource Center, devoted the major portion of her life to the effort of bringing to the world the message of the hibakusha (A-bomb survivors) that there must never again be a Hiroshima or a Nagasaki anywhere in the world.

Barbara's collection of documentary films, books, photographs and research files on the atomic bombings are preserved and made available to the public through the Wilmington College Peace Resource Center.

Barbara Reynolds Papers Include:

  • Personal correspondence
  • World Friendship Center files
  • Voyage of the Phoenix files
  • Hiroshima Peace Pilgrimage, 1962 files
  • World Peace Study Mission, 1964-65 files
  • Peace Ambassadors, 1970 files
  • "Thirty Years After" Conference, 1975 files
  • Personal photos, scrapbook, awards

A complete index list of the Barbara Reynolds files can be found at http://www.watswonlibrary.og/collections_reynolds.htm. For additional information on the files' contents, please contact the Peace Resource Center.

Learn more about Barbara Reynolds

  • Explore "Stories of Hope-Barbara Reynolds" virtual exhibit
  • Read a short biography about the "Flower of Hiroshima."  Barbara Reynolds, not many people know of her name today but 50 years ago she made an impact on the world. She was a saint to the Hibakusha and another activist to America. She was a mother, grandmother, wife and friend. Who was she really? Beyond the facts of history who was this woman who left a lasting impression on so many people worldwide? How did a housewife from the Midwest come to influence so many People?  


Cenotaph Monument"Rest Here in Peace; For Never Again Will We Repeat the Error" is the message inscribed on this Cenotaph, which stands in Hiroshima's Peace Park. It is a monument symbolizing an ancient house that provides shelter for the souls of those who died as a result of the atomic bomb.

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