WC Sophomore Receives Martha Haines Scholarship in Mathematics

Lisa Brady Called 'A Leader Among Her Peers'

May 18, 2011

Lisa Brady

Lisa Brady

Lisa Brady, a Wilmington College sophomore from Pickerington majoring in mathematics, has been awarded the Martha Haines Scholarship for prospective mathematics teachers.

Martha Haines, a 1923 Wilmington College alumnus, spent her career teaching middle school mathematics in the Wilmington area, including Wilmington Junior High, Leesburg, Sabina and Fairborn schools. It was her wish that this scholarship be established as an award for prospective mathematics teachers who have shown outstanding ability in mathematics and the ability to share knowledge with others.

William Kincaid, Ph.D., professor of mathematics, praised Brady as a most worthy recipient.

“As a student majoring in mathematics, Lisa has not only accepted responsibility for her growth in the study of mathematics but has acted as a catalyst for other students,” Kincaid said, noting that she has tutored students in the College’s Mathematics Skills Center in all levels of first and second year mathematics.

“Her tutoring techniques mirror those of mathematics teachers who expect students to be active learners not passive receivers of facts,” he added.

Kincaid said Brady also has functioned as a leader among her peers in higher mathematics courses.

“Problem solving requires creative thinking and is essential for substantial growth in the field of mathematics,” he said. “Lisa is a student who has accepted challenges and shown remarkable insight when dealing with advanced concepts in mathematics.”