WC Bringing in Theatre Company to Present 'The Duck Variations'

The David Mamet Play Is Free of Chrage, Features Sparring ala George Burns and Jack Benny

September 12, 2013

Wilmington College’s Theatre Department is bringing to campus a live theatre performance of David Mamet’s comedy, The Duck Variations, Thursday (Sept. 19), at 7:30 p.m., in Hugh G. Heiland Theatre.

Actors Jonathan Putnam and Geoffrey Nelson of A Portable Theatre will be featured in the play, which is being presented free of charge.

When two elderly men meet in the park, their chance encounter quickly becomes a comic battle of wits. George and Emil are stubborn, highly opinionated and hilariously misinformed. Who is the wiser of the two?

In fourteen short scenes or “variations,” they verbally spar like prizefighters to find out. And what do they fight about? Pollution, money, the government, outer space, the law, mother nature, the value of friendship, mortality and the majestic life of the duck — imagine George Burns versus Jack Benny.

The New York Times called The Duck Variations “a welcome gust of laughter” and used the words “fresh and pungent” in describing the play.

“It has some of the sound and flavor of the best Second City skits,” the review noted. “Even the wildest statements are dryly understated… The author never loses our attention or his sense of humor.”

The Duck Variations is performed without an intermission and lasts less than an hour. Unlike most of David Mamet’s other plays, there is no profanity; however, it is not recommended for younger children – not because there is anything that would be offensive, but because they likely wouldn’t understand the humor.

A Portable Theatre’s mission is to create professional theatre for the enrichment of communities throughout Ohio. APT is a non-profit, professional theatrical touring company that features professional actors, directors, dramaturges, designers and stage managers.

Professional Theatre Troupe to Present David Mamet's 'The Duck Variations'

Time: 7:30 PM until 8:30 PM
Date: Thursday, September 19, 2013
Location: Hugh G. Heiland Theatre

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