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Sigma Zeta Hosts Alcohol Awareness Program

80 Greeks Hear Agent's Presentation

November 13, 2009

Consider this scenario.

The fraternity had a party last week. They secured an F Permit and a $5 admission allowed those of legal drinking age to have as many beers and vodka Jello shots as they wished. IDs were checked at the door and red wristbands were given to those of age while those under 21 received green X’s on their hand. Cans of beers were opened and served by an 18-year-old freshman pledge while an older frat brother checked for wristbands.

The party seemed to be going without incident. The noise level wasn’t a problem so no neighbor complained to the police. No one was served alcohol after 1 a.m. so the partygoers dwindled to just a few as they finished their beers before leaving.

Also, for once, partygoers didn’t trash the fraternity bathroom or spill their beer on the carpet when they went into the house.

It seemed like the perfect party. No fights. The beer lasted until 12:15 so the fraternity only needed to purchase four more cases at Kroger to last until 1 p.m. No cops were called. Campus Safety was barely even seen on the street that night.

Everyone seemed to have a good time. The frat made some money. The fraternity president was looking forward to reporting the successful party with no negative incidents when the dean of students and director of Greek life asked him on Monday how it went.

The truth is this was an illegal party. Violations of the Ohio Revised Code included:

1. Partygoers must be charged for each alcoholic beverage at a cost of least 25 percent over the state minimum for that volume.

2. You must be at least 19 years old to open containers and serve alcoholic beverages.

3. The person actually serving the beer must check ID’s (viewing a wrist band does not suffice).

4. No one — including the party hosts — is permitted to consume alcohol in the pre-designated party zone after 1 a.m.

5. Since the fraternity house was not designated as part of the party zone on the F Permit application, partygoers are not allowed to take their alcoholic beverages with them when they use the bathroom.

6. Under the rules of an F Permit, all beer must be purchased from a wholesale distributor. The Kroger purchase was illegal.

7. Partygoers do not have the right to drink in excess. It is illegal serve persons that appear significantly intoxicated.

8. Also, Jello shots are illegal under the auspices of an F Permit, which covers only the temporary sale of beer.

Sigma Zeta hosted its second annual Alcohol Awareness Program Nov. 12 before a large audience of Greeks in Kelly Center.

Agent Andrew Alanis with the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s Ohio Investigative Unit enlightened and informed while debunking many long-held misconceptions regarding the state’s alcohol laws.

“One stupid kid who has too much to drink can ruin a fraternity,” he said, noting Ohio’s laws provide for both individuals and organizations to be charged for alcohol violations, not to mention the financial implications of potential civil suits.

Alanis said most persons are unaware of the Ohio Investigative Unit, as it works in the shadows with plainclothes agents investigating five specific areas: narcotics, gambling, welfare fraud, tobacco and alcohol.