New Brand Highlights Wilmington College's Hallmark for 'Hands-On'

Noelle Flood: 'Landor didn't create your story. We listened and created a unified way to portray it to the world.'

August 22, 2013

Note the WC and hands featured in the logo.

Note the WC and hands featured in the logo.

On the threshold of a new academic year, Wilmington College is focusing its brand identity upon its hallmark for experiential learning and the multitude of learning opportunities outside the traditional classroom that make a Wilmington College education so distinct.

Hands-On Learning. Hands-On Living.

That’s WC’s new mantra that is reflected in the institution’s new visual identity. Look closely and see the WC and the hands in the logo.

President Jim Reynolds introduced the graphic and tagline Wednesday (Aug. 21) at the annual faculty-staff gathering at the start of the fall semester.

He said the College’s penchant for providing powerful, outside-the-classroom experiences is nothing new. Rather, the institution’s marketing efforts will feature this singular focus that is manifested in students’ field experiences, internships, work opportunities, community interactions, research with faculty, study trips and other learning-by-doing opportunities.

Hands-On Living. Hands-On Learning. That’s what Wilmington College has always been,” Reynolds said. “We’re Wilmington College. We’re proud of who we are and what we do. We believe in this institution and the often transformative affect it can have on our students.”

Corey Cockerill, assistant professor of communications, is a faculty member involved with the branding initiative. She is a proponent of hands-on approaches to teaching and learning.

(LEFT) The athletics logo features two colors.

“When you craft something from scratch, it requires patience, diverse thinking, focus on the outcomes and a bit of trial and error,” she said. “When students experience that process, it's absolutely transformative.

“And, it doesn't stop there,” she added. “In crafting a lifestyle and career, students gain self-confidence and self-awareness. If Hands-On Learning. Hands-On Living. is our promise, then I have no doubt in our ability to deliver.”

The College has been working with global brand consulting firm Landor Associates to put a contemporary and more compelling face on the institution’s marketing efforts.

As part of the branding initiative, Landor created a new visual identity with graphics and a complimentary color palette, as well as the new tagline that sums up WC’s promise to students: Hands-On Learning. Hands-On Living.

The tagline zooms in on one of the College’s hallmarks — the many opportunities for experiential, hands-on, out-of-the-classroom learning experiences. This specifically dedicated mantra replaces the more broadly focused Preparing Students to Make a Living, Make a Life and Make a Difference used for the past 10 years.

Landor’s Noelle Flood, global executive client director, and her team have worked closely with representatives from the College’s faculty and administration led by Reynolds.

“At Landor we are given the amazing responsibility of being the visual and verbal brand storytellers for our clients,” she said, noting it is their responsibility to listen for the truths that already exist in the brand and bring the most compelling story to the foreground.

(BELOW) This version of of the logo also features the tagline.



“From the day I was introduced to the team at Wilmington College, they were sharing stories with me: stories of individual student’s lives that were transformed and stories of interactions between students, faculty and staff that embodied the culture on campus.

“Each story was so incredibly rich and powerful,” she added.

Flood said the positioning that personified the true difference Wilmington makes in the lives of its students is Hands On Learning. Hands on Living.

“It is the personalized attention and each student’s ability to engage actively in the learning process, versus being a passive receiver of knowledge, that changes lives,” she said. “It is the call to action that you give every student — that they need to live ‘hands-on’ in the world after they graduate in order to make the impact they were born to.”

Flood added that Landor feels the new logo “telegraphically brings this positioning to life” and does it in a way that will connect with students by enhancing school pride and enable potential students to better see themselves as part of the Wilmington community.

“Landor didn’t create your story,” she told the faculty and staff. “We listened and created a unified way to portray it to the world.

“So raise your hand and let the world see the WC in each of us!”