Deer Crashes Through Watson Library Window

Buck Exits Through Back Door after Racing Around Media Center

October 29, 2013

The panicked buck races through the College's Media Center. (Photo by Mary Beth Corcoran)

The panicked buck races through the College's Media Center. (Photo by Mary Beth Corcoran)

The sound of a deer crashing through a picture window broke the silence of Wilmington College’s Watson Library Tuesday morning (Oct. 29).

A reported eight-point buck may have seen its reflection in a four-by-four foot window and, thinking it was another deer, lunged at it and broke through an east-facing window gaining entrance into the College’s Media Center.

Since the center is a half story below the window, the deer took out a ceiling light fixture before landing on a desk.

Mary Beth Corcoran, Media Center manager, was sitting at her desk near the window.

“I heard an explosion and felt something hit me, which I later realized was glass,” she said. “I thought the TV behind me blew up. Then I saw the deer, which stopped for a moment and stared at my student worker from two feet away before racing around the room.”

The deer, which was bleeding from losing its antlers, scurried around the Media Center, knocking a laptop computer and other materials off desks before exiting the building through a back door opened by Corcoran.

The College’s Campus Safety officer and Physical Plant personnel arrived quickly at the scene, according the Jean Mulhern, library director.

“It was a good test of our emergency response to an unexpected event,” she said, noting the library stayed open throughout the ordeal and subsequent cleanup. Also, no equipment was damaged.

“He’s back on the street, a little less handsome without his antlers,” she added.