2009 Basketball Intramurals a Huge Success!

April 6, 2009

By Austin Stiles

     On Thursday, March 26, the Intramural basketball season was capped off with the tournament final featuring Team Pup and Suds and The Tropics.  Both these teams were among the top teams throughout the regular season, earning two of the top seeds in the tournament.

     Team Pup and Suds took a commanding first half lead, scoring 42 points, but as the second half went on, The Tropics looked like they were going to rally their way back into the game, but ended up coming just 5 points short.

     Team captain, Cayleb Paulino led team Pup and Suds, along with teammates Justin Martin, Jeremy Powell, Jake Crabtree, Randall Davis, Nate Davis, and Aaron Pohly.

     “Overall, the season went better than expected,” said Brad Orr, the Student Director of Intramurals.  “Everyone showed up for their games and there wasn’t much complaining about the refs.  The players said that this year was a lot more fun and more organized than years past.”

     There were a total of fifteen teams that participated in this year’s season with anywhere from five to ten players on each team. The Intramural Department would still like to have more participation from the student body.

     “If we advertised a little better, we could get the sports going quicker,” said Orr.  “Having a bigger budget to work with would also be huge so we can do sweet things like sending a team to the OSU Intramural Flag Football Championship. 

     Orr would also like to set up a league this year for golf and volleyball, but said the future leagues depend on the time and money the department is given.