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Honors Program 

The Honors Program, established by the faculty in 1995, enriches the experience of the academically talented student.

Advantages of the Program

Students receive notation of completion of the program on their transcripts and recognition at graduation.

Students take an active role in their learning-field trips to plays, musical productions, museums, films, as well as speakers and special events on and off campus that enhance the variety of ways the student may learn.

Honors students take core course together in special sections that allow extensive interaction with both faculty and their peers.

Seniors develop a capstone project that allows them to select and to explore an issue with the guidance of a faculty member in their major. The capstone project provides an initial piece of work for a portfolio that may be instrumental in securing a job.

Admission to the Program is by invitation.

A student must have an ACT score of at least 25, a GPA of at least 3.0, and a class rank in the top quintile of the graduating class to receive an invitation.

Academic Standing of Honors Students

Honors students must maintain a yearly GPA of 3.3 while studying at Wilmington College.

Benefits and Expectations

Entering freshmen enroll in honors sections of Global Issues Seminar and Writing.

Sophomores and juniors enroll each term in one-hour seminars directed toward special studies not offered in the regular curriculum and ranging from Crimes against Humanity to Principles of Sailing to Art in the Metro Area to Math in Games.

Seniors take an honors seminar in Global Cultures and Issues and work on an enhanced capstone project in their majors.