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Internship Testimonials

“Upon the completion of my degree in Sport Management at Wilmington College, I was offered the opportunity to intern with the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) in Cleveland, Ohio. As an intern, I assisted with the management of the 11 professional associations that are included under the NACDA umbrella. During this time, I was able to travel to various meetings across the country and participate in events such as the John McLendon Minority Athletics Administrators Hall of Fame induction and the NCAA Intern Seminar. However, the most important task that I assisted with during my internship was the planning and organization of our annual Convention which provides educational sessions and networking opportunities for over 2,300 collegiate athletics administrators from all across the United States. I have been fortunate to meet several influential individuals within the sports industry, including Dan Rooney, Chairman of the Pittsburgh Steelers; Bud Selig, Commissioner of Major League Baseball; and Gene Smith, Director of Athletics at The Ohio State University. These individuals, along with several others are now a part of my ever-growing professional network.

I am convinced that this would have never been possible if it wasn’t for the direction and instruction that I was given as a sport management student at Wilmington College. The classes and practical experience I received from working in the athletics department have been essential to the beginning of my professional development in the sports industry. Wilmington offers a wide variety of classes that address every aspect of being an athletics administrator. In addition to classes such as the Legal Aspects of Sport, Facility and Event Management and the Organization and Administration of Physical Education and Sports Programs, I was able to learn from the examples set forth by the faculty and staff of the program. Without their leadership both on and off the field, I would never have been able to learn the importance of how to handle myself in a professional environment.

No matter which level you plan on pursuing a career, you can be sure that at Wilmington College you will gain the proper knowledge which will allow you to become a successful administrator in the athletics world.”

            —Katie Newman
            ’07 Graduate, Sport Management
            Assistant Administrator/Association Liaison

 “I did my internship with Ignition Athletic Performance Group in Mason, Ohio. I enjoyed the experience a lot and increased my knowledge and leadership skills through them. I recommend future interns to look at Ignition as a place to apply hands-on experience.”

            —John Rupp
            Senior, Sport Management

“My internship with Wilmington College Sports Information Department was a detailed and interactive experience. This internship bridged the gap from academia theories to practical application. I am more prepared now to make a smooth transition into the work force after this internship than any traditional class room setting.”

—Scott Stevens
   Senior, Sport Management

“While at Wilmington College, I participated in two internships for academic credit: WDTN
Channel 2 Sports Department and Wilmington College’s Director of Athletics. I believe I learned the most from the internship part of the Sport Management Program because it gave me hands-on experience. The internships also gave me a feel for what I might want to do in the future. My internship with the College Athletic Department confirmed my desire to work in Intercollegiate Athletics. The experience I gained from the internship led me to the job I currently hold. The internship program provided me with great experiences and I found it very beneficial to my learning experiences.”

—Katie Streck
’08 Graduate, Sport Management

“I believe an internship is very important. I chose to take an internship after my sophomore year to gain as much experience as possible. While interning at the Men’s College World Series, I really learned a lot about who I am and what I can accomplish. Whether working alone or with a team, it was nice to finally be able to apply the skills learned in the classroom.

I feel like working in a business-oriented atmosphere really gave me an inside view of what to expect in the working world. Not only did my internship help with experience, it also gave me an advantage in the corporate world. I feel that my classes at Wilmington College have given me the confidence and information needed to excel in the sport industry.”

            —Eric Rose
            Junior, Sport Management


"I am very grateful for the internship opportunity that I was presented with at The Ohio State University this past summer. Over that period of time I learned a lot of different skills that I can use in the future. This internship helped me build character qualities as well as business qualities that I will be able to carry on in a successful career"

—Zach Stahely
Senior, Sport Management