Course Descriptions
4th/5th Endorsement

EDU520/EDU425 Integrated Language Arts in the Middle School (2 semester hours). This course is designed to provide prospective 4th and 5th grade teachers a knowledge and understanding of the English language arts, including language acquisition and development, English grammar, dialects and levels of usage, and their roles in learning to read and write.  The course focuses on the complex relationship between reading and writing processes. Special emphasis is given to teaching children to acquire oral and written composition skills, and to listen, speak, and write for different purposes and different audiences.  Constructive and student-centered approaches to teaching are emphasized, those that focus on prior knowledge and linguistic development.  Students will develop cross-cultural units of study/lesson plans that integrate the language arts with other disciplines.

EDU521/EDU421 Mathematics in the Middle School (2 semester hours). Prospective 4th and 5th grade teachers will learn strategies for teaching problem solving, the use of manipulatives and other materials for instructional purposes, and how to integrate technology into their teaching.  Intellectual, gender, and cultural differences will be taken into account when planning lessons.  Formal and informal assessment of mathematics learning is also emphasized.

EDU522/EDU422 Science in the Middle School (2 semester hours). This course is intended to give the prospective 4th and 5th grade teacher the skills necessary to stimulate children’s interest in and enthusiasm for the scientific method and exploration in science-related areas.  Students in this course will participate in and lead hands-on, inquiry-based activities as well as prepare integrated thematic units.  Students will also use technology to enhance their own background knowledge.

EDU523/EDU423 Social Studies in the Middle School (2 semester hours). This course is designed specifically for prospective 4th and 5th grade social studies teachers.  Topics to be addressed include: teaching history; multi-cultural aspects of social studies; the role of critical thinking in social studies instruction; content area reading; the use of social studies software in the classroom, and the use of technology to conduct social science research.  Students will create integrated teaching units that incorporate problem solving and critical thinking.

EDU524/EDU424 Middle Level Education: Philosophy, Organization, and Curriculum (1 semester hours). This course is designed to prepare prospective 4th and 5th grade students in an educational environment that is oriented to the needs of the pre-adolescent.  The history, theories, and guiding philosophies of middle level education will be examined.  Current research on block scheduling, team teaching, collaborations across teaching specialties, and meeting all students’ needs will be presented.


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